Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fashion 21 Red Romance Lipstick in First Crush - Review, Photos,Swatches

Valentine's Day may be over, but that doesn't mean romance should be, too; especially when you're donning a red lipstick from Fashion 21's Red Romance Collection.

Fashion 21 has a collection called Red Romance which carries 7 different red lipsticks. It aims to fire up the heat of romance by empowering women with fierce red lips.

Do you remember your first crush? No? Well maybe this lipstick will help you remember. ;)

Fashion 21 Red Romance Lipstick in First Crush

First Crush

Red Packaging

swatch without flash

swatch with flash
lip swatch

It's a pretty bright red that's wearable for daytime. It's a friendly red. I can wear this red everyday. It's formula is creamy with subtle sheen. It's also really pigmented and opaque. My only problem with it? Longevity. I probably need to wear a primer for this to last longer. This lasts 2 hours max, which isn't bad for a drugstore lipstick.

PROS: Color, formula, and opacity are perfect. It's locally available and really affordable.
CONS: Needs work on longevity.


 I will repurchase, when I don't find something better.

Where To Buy:
Fashion 21 in First Crush
155php, Watson's

FTC: I paid for this product with my own money. I am not getting paid to make this review. I am not affiliated with the said brand. Photos above are taken/owned by yours truly.


  1. I love red lips. They never go out of style.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. cool. the pigment looks amazing =)

    1. Thanks, Athena! It's really good for a drugstore lipstick. :)

  3. I love red lippies! and by the way you reviewed it, it seems okay for everyday use! Thank you for sharing babe! :)

    1. Hi babe!! :) It is. I'm sure it will suit you well! ;)

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