Friday, August 31, 2012

SM City Manila 3-Day SALE: Fashion, Food, and Beauty Picks

SM City Manila was my second home when I was in college. Almost everything I needed as a Communication Arts student was here, so going back to this mall was very nostalgic. 
Its been a while since I was there, so there were lots of changes (good ones, I tell you). 
I just realized that this mall is slowly (but surely) becoming a fashion and food mecca. 
They have new stores and restaurants that I'm sure will catch your fancy.

Being the shopaholic that I am, I'm a huge fan of SM 3-Day Sale. If the SM Supermall is accessible from where I live, I will go there to score great deals. Like I always do, I visited SM City Manila on the first day of its 3-day sale. I literally cannot miss the chance of scoring more discounts in the department store, thanks to my SM Advantage Card. Another reason why I prefer going on the first day is because I want to be one of the first few to check out the items. Early birds (usually) get the best worms, right? ;)

Here are my picks on some of the stores you must check out :)

How can I forget SM Department Store? :)

Something I can mix and match :)

Konichiwa? Wo Ai Ni?

I love Asian cuisine! Aside from Filipino food, my other favorite Asian dishes are Japanese and Chinese.
I love how tasty everything is, how these dishes utilize soy sauce and other condiments and spices, how they can make seafood, chicken, pork and beef taste divine!

2 new restaurants caught my eye: Kung Fu Kitchen and Tokyo Grill.
Kung Fu Kitchen and their brown rice are highly recommended by friends while Tokyo Grill's Tempura is holding its own also. Unfortunately I was unable to try either of them today because I was on my own and my allergic rhinitis isn't allowing me to enjoy anything tasty. But I will definitely go back and try these restaurants out once I got better. :)

Makeup Haul!

Some might think I did some serious damage with this haul, but honestly, it wasn't that bad. :)
I got everything at discounted prices (from 10% to 20% off), given that I shopped during the first day of the 3-day sale from 10:00am to 12:00pm using my SM Advantage Card.

The Maybelline Falsies Mascara is a repurchase, everything else is new to me.
I got to try the In 2 It Eyebrow kit with the sales lady doing my brows. I loved the turnout so I bought it. 
The In 2 It Moisture Intense Lipstick is a great surprise! I love how bright this pink lipstick is!
The ELF Brightening Eye Color Quad in Butternut is a well-researched purchase. I literally searched for tutorials and reviews about it before I decided to purchase it. Really hope this works on me.
I will definitely post reviews on these new finds :)

So that's it. My Fashion, Food, and Beauty Picks for this weekend's 3-Day SALE in SM City Manila :)
I suggest you boys and girls don't miss this event! 
They have lots of stores that offer big discounts and they have new restaurants that are worth trying. 
Don't forget your SM Advantage Card and your Green Eco bag, okay? :)

SIZE Matters Sausage Burgers - We Like Them BIG!

Being a plus-sized woman that I am, I personally like them BIG

If there's a type of western food that I would love to devour as regularly as I can, it would be burgers.
Thick juicy patty with melting cheddar, nicely toasted buns, caramelized onions, bacon, pickles, mustard, garlic mayo and fries on the side? I'm a happy girl. :)

But because I prefer big and delicious burgers made with fresh ingredients, I certainly expect that I have to pay so much for such. Or do I?

I recently discovered this new burger joint in the heart of Shaw Blvd: SIZE Matters Sausage Burgers.
They are located in the Ground Floor of 500 Shaw Zentrum Bldg.

The ambiance is really casual and the music is usually alternative rock. I love how hip the place looks and feels, definitely a place yuppies and students would love to chill and eat in. 

My favorite fact about this joint? Their sausages and patties don't have extenders. :)
Their prices are pretty affordable compared to most burger joints in the market today, which is really great since their serving is really generous. 

The IBJ (Italian Burger Job)

The BIB (Breakfast In Bed)

12-inch Hungarian Sausage Sandwich

Don't be fooled by their name though; they don't just serve sausages and burgers. 
They also have rice meals and pastas in generous servings so it would be also good for sharing. 
I also love their cookies and chocolate shake.

They also create their own juices (which I'm a huge fan of!) and their own version of Caesar dressing is really, really good! Oh and their gravy is pretty yummy too.

I love how their Carbonara isn't overwhelming with cream but with bacon and mushroom.
Saves us from the umay factor :)

Sausage Lasagna

USDA Certified Angus (worth P600 since this is about 250 g)

Buffalo Wings

Beef Salpicao

Chili Cheese Fries (for sharing)

House-blend Four Seasons Juice

House-blend Iced Tea and Four Seasons

Giant Cookies and Brownies

For your reference, here is their menu :)

TIPS: This is not required, but calling to reserve a table for you and your friends would be suggested. The place is a bit small and since people usually come in big groups, most tables would easily be filled. I would also recommend that you come in with an empty stomach because you will be full when once you're done eating! They also have a Wi-Fi so you gadget freaks would feel right at home.

Highly Recommended: The IBJ, The BIB, Chili Cheese Fries, Buffalo Wings, Angus Ribeye Steak and their house-blend juices :)


 I will definitely go back!

Where To Find:
G/F 500 Shaw Zentrum Bldg. Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3-Day SALE in SM City Manila - Aug 31, Sept 1 and 2

Another awesome event for shoppers this weekend!

SM City Manila is having their much awaited 3-day sale this weekend! 

Having studied in a Dominican school in Intramuros, SM City Manila was my second home when I was in college. Need to buy books? There's a National Bookstore there. Need to photocopy handouts? There's a Copytrade there. Need a new pair of black shoes? SM Department Store is the place to be. Need a haircut or some pampering time after (or before) exams? They have several salons and spas there. Hungry? You have a long list of choices from fast food to fine dining. You see, almost everything you need (or at least I needed when I was always in the area) is in SM City Manila. 

This is a mall-wide sale so pretty much all stores will be packed with awesome items at great discounts.
I'm always excited to shop in SM Department Store during the first day so I can avail of the additional 10% off from 9:00am to12:00 noon just by presenting my SM Advantage Card.

Here are some of the establishments you should check out: 
Hainanese Delights, Chatime, Blackbeard, Tokyo Grill, Kungfu Kitchen, Bonchon, Kenny Roger’s, Spam Jam, Cassava Crème, Buko Loco, Buko Maxx, Jocco Taco, Mang Binatog, Fix n Berries, Juice Avenue, Fruitas Ice Candy, Team Manila, Candie’s, Hairless, Expressions, Tubby, Precious Pages, Nature’s Way, Unisilver, Kata (Cyberzone), Mr. Kimbob, and Jericho.

Blackbeard's Seafood Island

Buko Maxx

Hainanese Delights

Kung Fu Kitchen

Team Manila

Don't forget your SM Advantage Card and your Green Eco Bag!
See you in SM City Manila this weekend! 

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