Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wet n Wild Megalast Don't Blink Pink Lipstick - Review, Photos,Swatches

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Don't Blink Pink is a medium fuchsia pink shade with blue undertones. It's not too bright but definitely not understated. I believe it's the kind of bright pink that will suit most if not all skin tones. I'm comparing it to my NARS Carthage. :)

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Don't Blink Pink

Compared to NARS Carthage

Shade: on the tube, Carthage looks a touch darker. That's probably because of the difference in finish; Carthage has a pure matte finish, while Don't Blink Pink is in semi-matte. But looking at the swatches, they look pretty close (if not the same) to me.

Opacity: Don't Blink Pink is more opaque. It's creamier so it's much easier to achieve an opaque finish. Carthage needs a little balm and more swipes to get that full opacity I prefer.

Formula: Don't Blink Pink is more comfortable to wear because it won't dry out your lips. It's creamy with a slight hint of sheen, making your lips look fuller and healthier. As much as I love matte formulas, NARS' pure matte formula is too much for me.

Longevity: given that Carthage is in pure matte, it tends to last longer than Don't Blink Pink. The former also doesn't transfer as much as the latter.

Packaging: Carthage obviously wins this one. The sleek and slim packaging of NARS Pure Matte lipsticks is very sophisticated compared to Wet n Wild's.

Scent / taste: They're pretty even on this category since they don't have a distinct smell or taste. 

Left swatch: Don't Blink Pink, Right swatch: Carthage
Upper lip: Don't Blink Pink
Lower lip: Carthage

To sum it all up: Wet n Wild Don't Blink Pink is a great dupe for NARS Carthage. Don't Blink Pink is more comfortable to wear, won't dry out your lips and won't break your budget. But if you really want matte long wearing lipstick and you have the money, then NARS Carthage is for you.


  I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Don't Blink Pink
3 pcs for PHP500 (shades of your choice), @Makeupjunkieshop of Instagram / MUJS Notsojunkieshop 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Avon Vitaluscious Reviving Red Lipstick - Review, Photos, Swatches

Avon Vitalicious Lipstick in Reviving Red is a mauvey kind of red; it's almost an Ox blood kind of red, but it's just a tad subtle to be that. I got this lipstick from my BDJBox for June. When I first swatched it, I thought I've seen it before. I went through my red lipstick collection, and found Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Vega. Can Reviving Red be a dupe for Vega? Let's see.

Avon Vitalicious Lipstick in Reviving Red

Compared to Guerlain Vega

Shade: Vega is a touch deeper than Reviving Red. But their difference is very slim, almost unnoticeable. They both have blue undertones.

Opacity: Vega is more opaque than Reviving Red, probably because Vega has creamier / thicker consistency.

Finish: They're very similar, but Reviving Red feels lighter on my lips. They both have a glossy finish; almost a satin but has a little more sheen to it.

Longevity: Because they have the same finish, they're tied with the hours of wear.

Packaging: Reviving Red's packaging is pretty good for me. It's your typical black packaging with a sophisticated silver design. But, Vega's packaging is awesome! It's very luxurious! It's like technology meets glamor.

Scent / taste: Reviving Red has a sweet and citrusy scent and taste that I really love. It's not overwhelming unlike Vega's rose-like scent and taste (nope, not a fan of rose scented products).

Price: Of course, Reviving Red is way more affordable than Vega. I think I can buy at least 4 Reviving Red for the price of 1 Vega.

Left swatch: Reviving Red, Right swatch: Vega

Upper lip: Reviving Red
Lower lip: Vega

To sum it all up: Reviving Red is an excellent red lipstick if you're looking for a mauvey red. It's also a good dupe for Guerlain Vega. I'm more of a bright retro red type of girl, but having this in my stash makes me happy because at least I have something different.


 I will repurchase when I don't find something better.

Where To Buy:
Avon Vitaluscious Lipstick in Reviving Red
PHP299, Avon ladies / online

Sunday, July 28, 2013

YashiOK Online - Kimmidoll iPhone Casing and Mobile Powerbank

I love anything Japanese! 

Have I told you I had an obsession about geishas before? Did I mention I love cherry blossoms so much I had it immortalized on me? I'm crazy about their culture, their fashion sense and I admire their work ethics. It's funny that I love Japan so much yet Hong Kong is where I always go to whenever I get the chance (JP visa issue and forex rates = obstacles).

Anyway, anything with geishas and cherry blossoms is OK with me! Thank God my friend Chenyl immediately messaged me when the online shop @yashiok_online of Instagram posted Kimmidoll iPhone casings for sale (PHP300).

After a couple of days of decision-making and a heartache (my first choice was sold immediately!), I settled with this one. She's blonde like me! Though her hair is more of a platinum blonde. It's sooo cute!

I also bought a pink mobile powerbank (to match my pink casing lol) to solve my battery issue (PHP700). It's pretty convenient to carry around! Even comes with a keychain holder and a usb cable.

The transaction was easy, breezy. The seller is very accommodating and patient. Shipping was quick, too! I paid Friday and I got it the next day. Sweet, right? :)

Follow @yashiok_online on Instagram!

Upgrade Your Proactiv Kit and Get your Add-on at 50% or 60% Discount!

Did you know that you can upgrade your Proactiv Kit and get your Add-on at an unbelievable discount?

img source
As an avid shopper, I buy in bulk when I know I can get save money and get more by doing so. Come on, when something looks good on you or works for you, wouldn't you want to get more of it and enjoy a good discount at the same time? :)

Just so we're clear, what is an "Add-on" exactly?

Add-ons are extension products from the Proactiv Solution range that can further enhance your Proactiv experience by boosting you skincare regimen depending on your personalized needs. To be able to maximize the effects of add-ons, determining the right combination for your skin is a must. You have to know what works for your skin, depending on it's needs and your lifestyle.

Are you into the outdoors, or at least spend a lot of time outdoors? You just might want to try a Proactiv kit that combines our core acne fighting system with our light, non-comedogenic Oil Free Moisture or Daily Protection Plus Sunscreen. I can't even emphasize enough how great of a deal this is. Using sunscreen is very important, regardless if you go outside or you just stay indoors. The harmful rays from the sun can still affect you indoors! Plus, whenever we use acne treatment on our skin, it makes it more sensitive so give it the right protection it deserves.

Do you have dry skin? Look into Proactiv kits offering extra moisture with our award-winning Green Tea Moisturizer for use every day. I love green tea, and products with green tea. They're just perfect for acne-prone skin!

Oiliness is next to ugliness, agree? If you have oily skin like me, you might want to fight oiliness with Proactiv Daily Oil Control.

If you want to stay youthful looking and you're into age-defying products, maybe you would like some anti aging while fighting acne. Try Clarifying Night Cream, a 2-in-1 product that's gives more bang to your money.

How does this promo work?

Customers who will purchase a Proactiv kit (60-day or 30-day kit) at participating outlets are given the option to upgrade their kits with an additional Proactiv product at 50% discount (if purchase is 30-day kit) or 60% discount (if purchase is 60-day kit). 

So if you're getting a 30-day kit, an "add-on" will be available to you at 50% discount. If you're getting a 60-day kit, the "add-on" you'll choose will be available at 60% discount. 

Promo is ongoing until December 31, 2013, under FDA Permit No. 1229 s 2013

How do we avail?

This promo is valid on within Philippine territory and Customers can place their order at any of the participating outlets:
  1. Proactiv Online Shopping Cart: http//
    You must choose the upgrade prior to completion of the online transaction.
  2. Proactiv Door to Door Delivery Hotlines:
    1. 729-2222 Metro Manila
    2. 1-800-8-729-8888, 1-800-10-889-4444 Provincial
    iii. 0917-801-8888
Our friendly Customer Service Representatives will be glad to assist you. 

Why take advantage of the Promo?

When you take advantage of this promo, these amazing products will be available to you  at 50% to 60% discount! Proactiv products aren't cheap, so this promo is a perfect opportunity to get these products without breaking your budget. :)

Here are the add-ons available to you at discounted prices when you upgrade:

Proactiv Solution Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15, 50ml 

This moisturizing sunscreen helps to keep oily skin hydrated, balanced, and healthy. It is designed to provide moisture without added oil so excessive oiliness is prevented. This elegant lotion also offers protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays that age and damage skin. It's a 2-in-1 product so it's really worth it!

Original Price: Php 1,099

New Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 30-day kit: Php 549.50 
Best Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 60-day kit: Php 439.60

Proactiv Solution Green Tea Moisturizer, 30ml 

Does your skin feel flaky and dry yet and zits just keep popping out everywhere? Then Perfect daily moisturizer for dry, acne prone skin is for you. It's quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it hydrated instantly. This feather-light moisturizer is designed to deliver deep hydration to dry, tired skin. It’s formulated with concentrated botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants for a moisturizing experience that’s as healthy as it is refreshing.

Original Price: Php 1,099
New Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 30-day kit: Php549.50 
Best Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 60-day kit: Php439.60

Proactiv Solution Clarifying Night Cream, 30ml 

Skin clarifying pore treatment combines acne-fighting salicylic acid with retinol for powerful anti aging benefits. Retinol is one of the best anti-aging breakthroughs today so it's best to have it in your skin care regimen. Plus, retinol to helps improve clarity of the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s the perfect night cream for acne-prone skin. This night cream also contains salicylic acid to eliminate most acne blemishes and help prevent new break outs.

Original Price: Php 1,199
New Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 30-day kit: Php 599.50
Best Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 60-day kit: Php 479.60

Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control, 50ml


Eliminate shine with our breakthrough lotion for oily skin! A dramatic breakthrough in skin care, this oil-free formula gently helps your skin balance its own natural oil levels to help stop excess oil before it starts. So you can now kiss oiliness goodbye!

Original Price: Php 899
New Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 30-day kit: Php 449.50 
Best Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 60-day kit: Php 359.60

Daily Protection plus Sunscreen, 118ml 

Developed for acne prone skin, this light, oil-free sunscreen shields you against the effects of the sun. If I were to choose an add-on, this would be it. Sunscreen is usually taken for granted, especially by those who stay indoors most of the time. But regardless of you're lifestyle, sunscreen is very important. It's the best defense and prevention for early signs of aging! The patented micro sponge technology of this sunscreen also helps in absorbing extra oil so the fear of getting more grease on your face due to sunscreen is solved. 

Original Price: Php 1,099

New Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 30-day kit: Php 549.50 
Best Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 60-day kit: Php 439.60

For more information, visit Proactiv now! :)

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Leave-in Milk - Review,Photos,Swatches

Kerastase Ciment Thermique is a leave-in milk with vita-cement topseal. It's a heat-activated reconstructor milk that's formulated for weakened hair. It's a heat protectant product so it's perfect when you use styling irons and blow dryers.

This was included in the set that I bought. It came along with a hair treatment and shampoo. I got this after I bought the overnight repair serum.

I apply this after bath when I know I'll have to curl my hair with a curling iron. I use this and my heat-protectant spray to make sure my hair won't be damaged with the hot tool. This actually smells good. I only use a tiny amount so as not to weigh down my hair. It's quite pricey, but I've never been disappointed with Kerastase products so it's a good investment.

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Leave-in Milk

PROS: it protects my hair from damage whenever I'll use hot tools on my hair, it smells really good, it leaves my hair soft even the next day, locally available

CONS: quite pricey


  I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
Kerastase Ciment Thermique
PHP1.8k (more or less), Fix Salon

Thursday, July 25, 2013

EOTD - Subtly Sultry with Urban Decay Book Of Shadows III

It's been a while since I actually wore eye makeup, sooo I just had to share it with you lovelies. :)

I'm a huge fan of neutrals! My first ever high-end eyeshadow palette is the Urban Decay Naked. I bought that waaaaay before I started blogging. I was so blown away with the quality that I had to get more palettes from Urban Decay. The second palette I got is the Book Of Shadows Volume III, which I used for this look. :)

I wanted a little drama on my eyes, without totally smoking it out. I love neutrals because I can wear any lipstick with it. You can easily do this using drugstore makeup. I just wanted to use my BOS III because it's been collecting dust, waiting to be loved again. Hahaha!

I used Suspect on the inner half of my lids, Smog on the outer half, Perversion to darken the outer corner, Maui Wowie on my browbone and inner corner.

I also used Too Faced Shadow Insurance for primer, MAC Blacktrack for tightlining and lining my eye and IN2IT eyebrow cake and pencil.

By the way, I apologize for my dewy skin and imperfect eyebrows. I took photos when I got home from running errands. >_<

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wet n Wild Megalast Pinkerbell Lipstick - Review, Photos, Swatches

I've read and heard a lot about some Wet n Wild lipsticks as dupe for MAC lipsticks. The most buzzed about one is Pinkerbell, a supposed dupe for Viva Glam Nicki. Is this true? Let's find out.

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Pinkerbell is a light, a tad bright pink with yellow undertones. It's in a semi matte finish. The opacity is excellent; formula wise, this is at par with the quality of MAC lipsticks.

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Pinkerbell

Compared to Viva Glam Nicki:

Shade: it's practically the same. Pinkerbell may look a little darker than Viva Glam Nicki, but that's only because of the difference in finish (VGN is satin so it has a little sheen to it, while Pinkerbell is semi matte). 

Opacity: they're pretty much the same. :)

Longevity: Given that Pinkerbell is in a semi matte finish, it has a slight leverage against Viva Glam Nicki (which is in satin finish).

Packaging: Viva Glam Nicki, all the way! Wet n Wild lipstick's packaging is a little problematic. I'm not a fan of plastic caps, and the rounded tip makes it a little hard to apply it especially on the corners of my  lips. It looks a :|

Price: hands down, Pinkerbell is more affordable. I can get at least 4 Pinkerbell for 1 Viva Glam Nicki.

But what did (or does) Viva Glam Nicki has that Pinkerbell doesn't? Advocacy. MAC donates 100% of sales of Viva Glam lipsticks to charity. :)

Upper lip: Viva Glam Nicki
Lower lip: Pinkerbell

To sum it all up: Yes, Pinkerbell is a dupe for Viva Glam Nicki. Which do I prefer? I really can't choose. I don't regret buying Viva Glam Nicki, but I'm really happy I have Pinkerbell too. For an addict like me, getting both is just right. If you're on the practical / sane side, get Pinkerbell.


  I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Pinkerbell
3 pcs for PHP500 (shades of your choice), @Makeupjunkieshop of Instagram / MUJS Notsojunkieshop