Friday, July 12, 2013

Bobbie Cuticle Oil - Review and Photos

Ever experienced a cuticle so dry it started to "tear off" by itself?

I've always had manicures and pedicures from the best nail spas and salons in the metro, and I enjoy them even until now. My only regret and mistake is to ask/let them cut my cuticles. They're not supposed to be removed, apparently, because they protect our nail beds. Damage has been done; I noticed that after weeks without going to my fave nail salon left me with dry and "tearing" cuticles. I've read online that vitamin E gel capsule will help, but that's not exactly handy and practical. I would rather take that orally (given that it's not exactly cheap) than to use it on my cuticles and nails. On one of my nail polish hauls, I saw this product, and thought I should give it a try.

Bobbie Cuticle Oil promises to soften and moisturize cuticles. It also prevents hang nails. Just pour an adequate amount of cuticle oil on mid portion of cuticle. You can use it twice a day or as needed.
It has avocado extract, almond oil and vitamin E.

I'm pretty happy with this product. The effects are pretty visible after 2 days of using it. I no longer experience any dryness or tearing off on my cuticles. It smells like baby powder, which I don't mind. It looks like an intimidating green oil in the bottle, but it looks translucent once applied. As for the price, how can you complain with PHP30? :)

Bobbie Cuticle Oil 

PROS: moisturizes my cuticles and nails, didn't irritate my nails, very affordable, locally available

CONS: it has a baby powder scent (might not appeal on some)


 I will repurchase when I don't find something better.

Where To Buy:

Bobbie Cuticle Oil
PHP29.75, Landmark

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