Friday, January 31, 2014

Proactiv Solution - Win Patron Tickets to Avril Lavigne’s Concert on February 17

White tank top, necktie, low-rise oversized pants, chains and I think gloves; these were what Avril Lavigne wore when she debuted in the music scene more than a decade ago.

I distinctly remember her because she was the "odd" female pop star back then. She was dubbed as the "rock princess" but for me she's more of a pop rock princess. While Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera was battling it out, Avril did her own thing. That's probably the reason why she earned a good following: she was the breath of fresh air among all the blonde bombshells in the music scene.

My favorite song from her was "Why". It felt the most personal and genuine for me. Also, that song really showcased her vocal talent the best (at least for me). She released several albums since then, but her first album would still be my favorite. Her music never really matured, and she celebrates that fact..

But what do I like most about her? It seems like the girl never aged. AT ALL. She actually gets prettier and prettier through the years, and her skin looks just as good (or even better!) compared to 10 years ago. What could be her secret? ;)

She did a concert several years back. I heard it was pretty good, so I'm actually looking forward to seeing her next concert. Speaking of her next concert, she is having her next concert in Manila this February! BETTER news? Proactiv is giving away Patron tickets to her concert!

“Buy Proactiv Kit Now and Get a chance to Win Patron Tickets to Avril Lavigne’s Concert!” 
per DOH–FDA CDRR Promo Permit No. 221 series of 2013.


Who can join this raffle?
All customers who purchase Proactiv 30 day or 60 day kits from participating outlets from Sept December 5, 2013 to February 4, 2014 will get a chance to join the electronic raffle to Win Patron Tickets to Avril Lavigne’s Concert on February 17, 2014 in Smart Araneta Coliseum

Participating Outlets:
1.     Proactiv Online Shopping Site:
2.     Proactiv Door-to-Door Delivery Phone Hotlines: (729-2222, 1-800-8-729-8888, 1-800-10-889-4444, 0917-801-8888)
3.     Proactiv Mall Kiosks:
a.     Trinoma, 2nd Floor (Telephone: 380-3801)
b.     Glorietta, Ground Floor (Telephone 388-2848)
c.     Marquee Mall, Ground Floor (Telephone: 0935-8341523)

What are the prizes?
One (1) Grand Prize Winner of 2 Patron Tickets worth Php 5, 885 each
One (1) Winner of 2 Lower Box B Tickets worth Php4,825each                
Three (3) Winners of 2 Upper Box B Tickets worth Php1,645 each 

Just so you know: The prizes are directly purchased from Ticketnet, official ticketing agent of the event. Proactiv Solution is not a sponsor of the said event and is not endorsing the event. Concert organizers are not connected to Proactiv Solution.

The raffle date is on February 6, 2014. Winners will be contacted directly with instructions on how to claim the prize

How to Join?
1.         Buy a Proactiv Solution 30-day kit (Php 2,495) or 60-day (Php 3,995) kit from any of the participating outlets within promo period. Purchase of 30-day kit is equivalent to 1 raffle entry, while purchase of 60-day kit is equivalent to 2 raffle entries.

2.         For customers ordering from, there is no special instruction or forms to be filled out. The system automatically tags eligible customers and the Account Name will be used as official entry. The promo can be viewed at:

3.         For customers ordering via phone hotlines, our Customer Service Representatives shall automatically tag all eligible customers and your Account Name in our database will be used as official entry.

4.         For customers ordering from Proactiv Mall Kiosks our friendly Sales Personnel will assist you and help you fill-out Official Raffle Entry Forms available on site.

Terms and Conditions:

1.         Purchases outside the promo period or from non-participating outlets are not eligible to join the raffle.

2.         If a customer avails of the Proactiv Money back Guarantee that comes with every Proactiv 30-day or 60-day kit, this forfeits the subsequent activation of the raffle entry. If the customer won and subsequently availed of the Money Back Guarantee after claiming the prize, the actual cost of ticket will be deducted to the refund value.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a Proactiv Solution 30-day kit or 60-day kit from any of the participating outlets mentioned above until February 4, 2014! Enjoy an acne-free skin AND get a chance to watch Avril Lavigne's concert! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Year, New Hair | From Blonde to Blue Violet

Hi sweethearts!
(I must come up with a name I can call my dear readers. Chilipinees? Hahaha! Leave your suggestion on the comment box, pretty please.)

If you've been following me on Instagram (@ayzeecasimiro), you'd know how much I can obsess about my hair. 

I've been dying it blonde for almost 2 years and I really loved it. But sadly, my hair didn't. Due to the regular exposure to bleach, styling tools and wrong products, my long hair became extremely dry and frizzy. I also noticed how blonde hair (without the proper hair products) can become brassy over time. I knew I had to do something about it, so I went to my neighbor and had it darkened. I chose "blue violet".

From Goldilocks to Ultra Violet. ;p

Depending on the lighting, it comes off as red, burgundy or violet. It was a drastic change for me, and I thought I couldn't pull it off. I wanted a professional to do my haircut, so I went to Folded n Hung Famous Salon at Glorietta 5. My stylist was Brian. I asked him to keep the length as long as possible, and that I wanted bangs. He said he'll give me layers and a side-swept "C" bangs. He'll give me a beautiful haircut that'll make me look younger, he said. (I'm only 27! Hahaha!) But in fairness to the man, he really did a good job with my hair. I rarely get bad hair days since the haircut, and I don'g even have to style it daily. All I do is dry my hair with a fan, and when it's about 80% dry, I twist it up in a bun then I'm off to work. When I reach the office, I let my hair down in all it's sexy and glorious waves. (Hahaha! Indulge me, please.)

styled with curling iron

styled with curling iron

My hair without using any styling tools. :)
(not my angle. siopao face ftw! hahaha!)

By the way, I availed their Total Repair Treatment for colored hair (Php1400 for my hair). They didn't charge me for the haircut since I had a hair treatment. ;) I will definitely go back for my regular trims and treatment. I love the place, the people and the prices! #HappyToBeFamous

Want to know what products I use (and AVOID) to keep my hair healthy and hair color in tact? My next post is going to be about that! It'll be up soon, I promise. :)