Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder (Pressed) - Review, Photos, Swatches

I've had my fair share of disappointing experiences when it comes to products that claim they can work for my oily/combination skin. I've been on the lookout for the finishing powder that will really mattify my skin for at least a couple of hours. The overhyped Ben Nye did not really cut it for me, unfortunately. So upon research and my obsession with Japanese skincare and makeup products, I stumbled upon this.

Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder (pressed) is my current favorite finishing powder, and the best one I've used so far. It's gentle enough even for those with sensitive skin since it's meant for babies, and has really good oil control properties. 

The texture is not perfectly fine unlike Ben Nye's, but it's not coarse either. It's texture and scent (mild, almost unnoticeable) reminds me of the baby powder I used back in high school.

The packaging is a little bulky, but I really don't mind since it just means it has a lot of product in it (50g). It comes with a puff that actually works! I prefer using the puff to pat the product on my face. It's been working fine for me, but if you prefer a powder brush, that would be okay.

The downside? It may leave a white cast on your face when you've put too much, or when you're on the morena side. Be careful not to apply too much, or just use a big powder brush to apply.

Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder

when swiped
when blended between my fingers

PROS: good oil control properties, kept my face matte for a good couple of hours (running errands indoors and outdoors), contains a lot of product, did not irritate my skin, doesn't have a distinct scent, reasonably priced

CONS: a little bulky to tote around, doesn't have a mirror, may leave a white cast (just blend it well), not locally available

 I will definitely repurchase! 

Where To Buy:
Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder
PHP300, @TokyoWithLove on Instagram


  1. May nakita ako nito sa glorietta ata.. ang mahal.. yep ang bulky nga nya.. have you tried essence powder? Im loving it :)

  2. I have this too! But I don't know how to use it so I ended up giving it to my mom who loves it! Hehehe... Nice post! ♥

    The Makeup-Maven

  3. The one thing im wondering....why does a baby need a face powder?


    1. This is a pressed baby powder. I don't think you're supposed to use it on babies like a typical face powder for adults. But I could be wrong. :))

    2. It is not stated in the product that it is a face powder actually so yoy could use it on babies' bodies. It's actually better than typical loose baby powders because the babies will not inhale the powder coz it's pressed. :)

  4. Ito yung pinag uusapan natin! :D ang cute ng packaging niya! :D I'll try this pag naubos yung powder ko ^_^

  5. Wow! It really has a nice finish to it. How much is it? Thanks