Monday, September 16, 2013

Physiogel Hypoallergenic For Sensitive Skin | Beauty Experts Circle Event

I really love my Physiogel Intensive Cream, so when I got invited to their "Beauty Experts Circle" event, I was more than happy to attend. :)

Meeting fellow beauty bloggers is such a delight! I saw Carizza Chua, Sabs Hernandez, Donnarence Masilunan, Michelle Martinez and other gorgeous beauty bloggers. But my seatmate Gen-zel Habab really made the experience soo much fun! :)

Like what I've told you before, I'm from a family with sensitive skin (excluding lucky old me). My sister has a mild skin asthma, and growing up as roommates, I saw her struggle with it first-hand, so I know how a product can react on sensitive skin. Thank God there's Phyisogel!

Having dry, sensitive skin is a common problem. In fact, one in three or 35 percent of women have dry skin but don’t realize that they do.  Women can easily get dry skin from exposure to the environment. But even if they’re not under harsh weather conditions, other factors such as stress, air conditioning, smoking, bathing in hot water and using soap can contribute to destroying the natural moisture balance of the skin, making it rougher and more sensitive. Skin may also have a dehydrated or shrunken appearance while simultaneously feeling tight and itchy.

Experts know that dry, sensitive skin requires special care and attention. Moisture is more prone to escape and evaporate, leading to dry, dehydrated skin. Most often than not, experts recommend Physiogel moisturizers from Stiefel, a GSK company

Physiogel is formulated with the revolutionary Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) Technology, which resembles the natural building blocks of the skin to effectively help repair the skin barrier and help prevent moisture loss.

Conventional moisturizers may only mask skin dryness to give skin transitory moisture; moisture that can be washed off by rinsing or washing. Physiogel, however, moisturizes by mimicking the natural lipid composition of the skin and keeps it hydrated for up to three days, even with washing or bathing.

During the event, some ladies from Physiogel tested our skin's moisture level. Fortunately for me, because I'm a Physiogel user, mine came out okay. Here is Gen-zel having her skin tested. :)

Physiogel works even as a part of your makeup routine!

So women who love makeup but have sensitive skin can worry no more. But, of course, they should stay away from cosmetics that can cause irritation, inflammation and other allergic reactions. Be sure to check that the label states specifically that the product is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

For women with extra-sensitive skin, the trend is to find a foundation that has few chemicals and preservatives in them, especially those with an SPF between 15 to 30 for added skin protection. Foundations that are silicone-based and in powder form are also best for sensitive skin, because they don’t irritate skin and don’t clog pores.

Delicate skin that tends to turn red, flaky or stings can get glowing when mineral makeup is used. Just be sure it’s free from fragrances and dyes. It’s recommended to use a powder brush then switch to a concealer brush for proper blending.

Even sensitive skin can be rosy. When choosing a blush, pick one that is closest to your natural skin tone. Experts agree that a powder blush is the easiest to use and that it stays on the skin the longest. Always keep in mind, though, to use a brush that won’t cause any irritation.

Here’s a beauty insider’s tip: It’s great to use Physiogel Cleanser as a makeup remover for women with sensitive skin. It can be used with or without water, just wipe off with tissue. I also know some girls who use the cream as their makeup base to prep their skin before applying makeup! 

Physiogel is OK for babies, too!

My 1-year-old nephew inherited the family's sensitive skin, so all the products we apply on him are hypoallergenic only. Like me, his Mom always totes a tube of Physiogel cream with her just in case my nephew needs it. 

Physiogel is the No. 1 dermatologist-prescribed moisturizer according to Philippine Medical Data Index (PMDI MAT 2012) and is available in leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. It is also available in handy 10ml sachets. Ask your dermatologist and pediatrician about Physiogel.
This is the Physiogel advantage: Healthy, moisturized skin through repairing. With Physiogel, you can maintain beautiful, smooth, supple, and soft skin this season and beyond.  

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  1. ive tried the moisturizing cream sa face when i was preggy way back 2011 =( the sad thing is nalalagkitan ako =( i want a moisturizer na magaan sa muka lalo na kapag umaga =(

  2. nice seeing you at the event, Ayzee!