Monday, April 29, 2013

Save Money on Quality Tattoo Equipment

Who that you know has a ton of extra money? I can’t think of anyone, at least not anyone I know personally. Major league baseball players seem to be doing alright. But unless you’re a professional athlete, you’re probably – like me - always looking for a bargain. That’s why if you’re looking to get into tattooing and need some cheap tattoo equipment or tattoo practice skin go ahead and check out

The site is fantastic, and they have everything you will or might need, and at a great price, too. I’ve shopped around, and you save a lot going to this site, as opposed to a physical store where there’s going to be mark up for all the middle men and middle women. Sure, they need to make a buck, too, but they might as well take that from someone else and leave you with your money that you earned. Seems only fair. If you’re a beginner, get a gun here, if you’re an expert, upgrade your materials. When some prospective client coming in looking to get his first, or her third, or his twentieth tattoo, you’re going to want to display the best equipment you can find. Also put up lots of pictures of past work you’ve done, or get a binder and print the images out really nice and put them in there. Put the binder in the waiting room so people can see you’re legit. Even if you’re not. But if you’re not legit, then all the more reason why you need good equipment. Good equipment will go a long way – let’s put it this way, the tattoos I make now are far superior to the ones I used to make back in the day. Anyone who’s looking to get into the art, and at an affordable rate, owes it to themselves to check out all the equipment and supplies you can get at the LA Shop. You’ll be surprised about what you can get for how little you can get it. Then focus on your craft and have a blast.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

EOTD: Virginia Olsen - Green Pearl & Donnarence

I was spring cleaning and I rediscovered these gorgeous Virginia Olsen eyeshadows and eyeshadow brush. I realized I never got to try them. Firstly, I'm a little skeptical with loose eyeshadows (fallouts, hello?). Secondly, I have lots of eyeshadow palettes so single shadows are kept inside a box that I rarely open. So yes, its my first time to use these babies! I have 2 other eyeshadows that I got from a beauty box subscription (which I chose not to blog about because I avoid hate posts).
So anyway, here it is. :)

I love how Green Pearl opens up my eyes. I rarely wear shades like Donnarence, but pairing it with something I'm familiar with made it more comfortable to wear.

Donnarence isn't registering accurately. It looks like a burnt orange here, but its actually a bright pink. Like a pomelo pink. :)

Would you wear a pink eyeshadow? If yes, what will you wear it with?
Let me know! Leave a comment below ;)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There’s Plenty of Fish in the Sea at Sentro 177

Sentro 1771 presents seafood dishes that will surely find a home to your family’s repertoire of top picks whether you’re aiming to be healthy or simply finding comfort from your all-time favorite seafood choices. Guaranteed low in saturated fat, these dishes are not only irresistible, they’re also good for the heart. 

At Sentro 1771, tasty definitely means healthy too especially if you’re having smoked milkfish spring rolls (P270) which could serve as a filling and satisfying appetizer or entree. A festive combination of smoked milkfish, salted egg, mustard greens, onions and tomato that are rolled like spring rolls, it’s served with slightly tangy vinaigrette for some zing. An explosion of color, texture, and balance of flavors, it’s a lip smacking dish minus the guilt.

Equally-appealing and filled nothing but goodness of the sea, seafood sinigang sa miso (P250) is a classic favorite minus the meat but never lacking with mouthwatering elements such as gindara, milkfish, and shrimps seasoned with miso for more depth and flavor. Good food begets fresh and all-natural ingredients, and that’s the promise of this dish. It’s spirited, chunky, and heartwarming especially that the broth is made from scratch. Plus, it has chockfull of colorful diced veggies from tomatoes, okra, taro corms, daikon, water spinach, and eggpplant stewed in tamarind. And as a charming signature tradition, you get the chance to adjust the level of sourness of the soup by sipping and tasting it before serving.

Fried usually gets a bad rap as something calorie-laden, but not Sentro 1771’s Rated GG or galunggong (grilled mackerel scad, P230 and P445). Yes, fried healthy food does exist at Sentro 1771 as this dish is fried in olive oil, filleted and generously sprinkled with toasted bits of garlic. Executive Chef Vicky Rose Pacheco not only takes pride in creating another certified Sentro 1771 original, the lowly fish was a given a rightful and impressive reputation considering galunggong is a rich source of protein and zinc. 

If your family is in for smart eating, count on Sentro 1771 in satisfying you with something healthy and tasty too.  There’s nothing quite anything else like a brown rice that can make a marvelous pair with these amazing, healthy choices, so it’s a good thing that Sentro 1771 has this in the menu.  So whether you’re a healthy eater or seekers of all-natural whole foods, find these Sentro 1771 dishes indulgent, never leaving behind the taste and joy of eating while bringing a new appreciation for something deliciously low-calorie.

Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3 is open from 11am to 11pm (Monday to Sunday) while Serendra is from 7am to 10:00 pm (Sunday to Thursday) / 7am to 11:00pm (Friday to Saturday). For inquiries and reservations, call Sentro Greenbelt 3 (02) 757 3941 or Sentro Serendra (02) 856 0581.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cake Satin Sugar Duo Dry Shampoo (Powder and Aerosol Spray) - Reviewand Photos

Flipflops, sunnies, hats and sunscreen; summer is finally here!

I don't mean to rain on your parade my dear summer girls, but the inevitable inconveniences of summer really annoys me.

Is it just me or is everyone not a fan of excess oil on your skin and scalp?

While an oil-blotting paper together with an oil-free skin regimen for summer helps in keeping the excess oils on my skin at bay, my battle with an oily scalp is quite different. I've read countless times that the good old baby powder, when used sparingly, can help in minimizing (or zapping out) the excess oils on my scalp. But the risk of having white residues (especially obvious on dark hair) ain't giving a pretty picture, so what do we do?

Answer: dry shampoo

*What is dry shampoo?
Dry shampoo is a powdered substance used to clean the hair when you want to extend the length of a blowout or when it is not practical to use water and traditional shampoo.

*Why use dry shampoo?
Overwashing your hair can dry it out and cause hair color to fade. To preserve your color and maintain moisturized, sleek hair, it is best to wash your hair only 2-3 times per week. Additionally, if you’re strapped for time and you need to freshen up your locks (after the gym, before a night out, etc.), dry shampoo serves as a fantastic option. Modern, busy women swear by dry shampoos!

*How does dry shampoo work?
The ingredients in dry shampoo soak up oil and dirt on the scalp. When your hair appears greasy, it’s usually just the roots (close to the scalp) that need to be refreshed. Applying a dry shampoo effectively soaks up any oil and dirt, leaving your hair looking refreshed and clean.

*How do I use dry shampoo?
There are basically two types of dry shampoos: ones that come in a loose powder form and ones that come in an aerosol (spray) form. Powder dry shampoos can be applied directly on to the scalp from the bottle and either brushed through or massaged in using your fingers. Dry shampoo aerosols can be sprayed directly onto the scalp from a few inches away and likewise may need to be brushed or massaged through the area.

I've been looking for a dry shampoo for the longest time (2 or 3 years). I saw it first on hair tutorials on Youtube, and I've been wanting to try it out. It was only recently that I found one from Dove, and one from Cake.

I was browsing Beauty Bar when I saw this oh-so-pretty products with pink and white packaging: Cake hair products. Their SA let me try it out and I loved it. It's a bit pricey, but considering I got 2 products for that price, I thought it's worth it.

Cake Satin Sugar Duo Dry Shampoo

What do I love about it?
  • First, it smells really good. No wait, it smells really yummy!
  • Second, it doesn't leave any obvious white residue. (Just to be sure, I massage the area to avoid white residue)
  • Third, They come in 2 shades: blonde-light brown (which I'm using) and something for dark-brown to black hair.
  • Fourth, I love the fact that this set came with the loose powder form and the one in aerosol spray form. 
After trying them both, I would say I love the spray form better just because it helps in giving my roots an extra oomph (volume). For regular days, I would use the loose powder form. But when I know I would need to retouch (or when I'm travelling), the spray form is my weapon. It didn't irritate my scalp, caused itchiness nor dandruff.

But I would emphasize that because the product is an additional gunk on our scalp, a clarifying shampoo is a must on your next bath. I would NOT suggest you use this as a replacement for a shampoo during bath time for hygiene purpose, obviously. Nothing beats a squeaky clean hair (in my opinion).

Overall, I really love my first dry shampoo. I'm quite contented and will be happy to stick with it (as long as they will still come as a set).

swatches of the powder
first column: actual powder
second column: blended out

PROS: doesn't leave a white residue, comes in 2 shades, available as a set, doesn't irritate my scalp, smells good, locally available

CONS:  a little pricey, but since it comes as a set, it's totally worth it.


  I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
Cake Satin Sugar Duo Dry Shampoo
Beauty Bar, P1250 

Monea Powerdose Plus Hair Treatment "Soft and Bouncy" - Review and Photos

Ever heard of power dose hair treatment?

The first time I heard of this treatment was when I was in college. I was in one of those salons that attracts customers with their relatively cheap packages. I was having my hair relaxed then plus a cellophane. The stylist suggested that I get a powderdose treatment to seal in my hair cuticles and prevent damage. When I asked him how much is that treatment, he said it's PHP500/vial, and because I have thick hair, 2 vials are needed. As a college student, that was too pricey for me so I skipped the offer.

Years later, I saw my officemates' interaction on facebook. They were talking about this effective and affordable powerdose product, and since I've been dyeing my hair for less than a year now, I was intrigued. I googled the product they wre talking about, and I remembered seeing those at Watson's. They were talking about Monea Powerdose products.

They have different variants that's specifically designed for particular needs. I bought the "damage repair" and the "soft and bouncy" variants. This post is about the latter. :)

Monea Powerdose Soft & Bouncy, self explanatory, makes your hair soft and bouncy. I especially love this variant because it doesn't weigh down my hair, unlike other hair treatments that I use.
It's not greasy at all. Its consistency is thinner than the usual creamy conditioners, but its not too thin that its runny. 
I also love the refreshing green apple scent. I use this at least once a week (leave it on my hair for 20mins), whenever I have the luxury of taking a long bath. It's also pretty simple to use. It's quite affordable and Watson's carry them. My only woe with this one is that not all Watson's stock up on this variant. I think their popular one is the violet bottle (for sleek and straight hair).

Monea Powerdose Soft & Bouncy

PROS: softens and moisturizes my hair without leaving it heavy and limp, doesn't cause excess oil and dandruff, smells really good, affordable, locally available

CONS: It's one of Monea's hard-to-find variants :(


  I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
Monea Powerdose Plus "Soft & Bouncy"
Watson's, PHP250

MAC Betty Bright Lipstick - Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Betty Bright is a light pinky coral shade in satin finish. It's off the MAC Archie's Girls Collection. Satin finish gives an opaque coverage with a slight sheen finish. It's long wearing and leaves a good stain on the lips as it feathers out. (Learn more about MAC lipstick finishes here)

This is the only shade that I got from Betty Lipsticks because this is the most pigmented one.
I have a lot of coral shades already, in different finishes even, but this one really tickled my fancy because it's by far the lightest one I've encountered from MAC. I was only supposed to get Ronnie Red and Daddy's Little Girl because of my fear that Betty Bright might wash me out (and my sister agrees), but since it is MAC, I had to give it a shot.

And as always, I should've listened to my gut.

Though it looks like a pretty and friendly shade on the tube, let me tell you, its not as easy to wear as it looks and as I'd like it to be.

It's soo bright and light at the same time that I turn grey and look sick when I wear it. I tried wearing it with smoky eye makeup, and I still look a little pale. The only time I think it looks decent enough that I can go outside is when I wear it lightly. As in I just lightly dab it on my lips (something I'm not accustomed to). I'm terribly disappointed on this shade. I hope it works better for others who have tried it too.

MAC Betty Bright

PROS: formula is superb as usual, won't dry your lips, long wearing, will leave a pretty stain on your lips after hours of wear

CONS: shade won't suit everyone, tends to make you look pale(r), pricey, limited edition


 I will not repurchase, but I still recommend it to others. It just doesn't work for me.

Where To Buy:
MAC Betty Bright
Online, prices vary

IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Liner in WBS 01 Chestnut - Review, Photos, Swatches

IN2IT has been my go-to brand for my eyebrow product needs. They're very affordable and easy to use. I always drop by their counter whenever I can to see their new products. During SM Sta. Mesa's 3-Day Sale, I thought of buying an eyebrow pencil since its more handy to bring and the easiest to use. Just my luck, they have new brow products available. :)

IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Liner in WBS 01 Chestnut is a long wearing, creamy pencil in twist-up and down packaging. I'm telling you, I cannot rave enough about this. Its really easy to use, even for beginners. I prefer this fine tip one over the felt tip because it'll be more accurate when I trace and shade my brows, and also because it'll be easier to correct mistakes when the tip is finer.

I believe the shade that I got is the lighter one. I love how my brows look when I use it on its own, but I love it more when I set it with their brow kit to make it look more dramatic and strong.

Its very affordable and locally available. Another addition to my must-haves!

IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Liner in WBS 01 Chestnut

Top - Before
Bottom - After

PROS: easy to use, creamy and long wearing formula, practical packaging, affordable, locally available

CONS: Only comes in 2 (or 3) shades. That's it. :)


  I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Liner in WBS 01 Chestnut
IN2IT counters, PHP329 (will have to verify this. Sorry, I forgot to keep the receipt).

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream - Review, Photos, Swatches

iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream is perfect for the humid tropical weather we have here in the Philippines. It's oile-free, non-comedgonic; perfect for oily skin. It leaves a cooling sensation when applied, making it seem like our skin is drinking an ice-cold water. It's color may intimidate people (its blue) but I swear it becomes translucsent once its applied (look at the swatches below).

I've been using it for a month now, and I really love using it before my face primer. It doesn't irritate my skin, and htough its scented, it smells relaxing for me. My only woe about this product is that it doesn't give enough moisturization when I use it at night before I sleep. I have oily-combination (generally oily but with dry patches) skin, so I need something more moisturizing at night. Aside from that, I would continue using this product and will recommend it especially this summer.

iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream

PROS: works especially for oily skin, cooling sensation is perfect for summer, translucsent, doesn't irritate my skin, locally available, affordable

CONS: If you have dry skin, you may need to skip this on your evening regimen because it's a little too light on the moisturizing part


  I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream
Watsons, drugstores and supermarkets

iWhite Korea Whitening Pack - Review, Photos, Swatches

iWhite Whitening Pack is a peel-off mask that one can use twice a week. It was a little tricky when I used it for the first time since I usually use masks that I will have to wash off. Together with the aqua mosturizing cream, I've been using this for a month now and I must say I like it as well. Whenever I feel like my skin is so dull and stressed (pollution, makeup, lack of sleep?), I use it and I feel like my skin is thanking me after. It's quite relaxing and leaves my skin relaxed and revitalized. It didn't irritate my skin nor cause any breakouts. I couldn't say if it whitened my face (since I'm already quite fair), but I can say it definitely brightened my face and helped me (a little) with my stubborn whiteheads and blackheads. But what I love more about this product is that it's very affordable, so even those who are in a tight budget will love this.
For a whitening range to work, I think all products should be used for best results. I'm also using their sunscreen now and thier nose pack, so let's see if a more visible whitening effect would happen.

*How To Use:

Step 1: Wash face using iWhite Moisturizing Facial Wash and pat the face dry with a clean towel.

Step 2: Apply a generous amount of iWhite Whitening Pack.

Step 3: Spread evenly while avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth area but making sure it blends with the iWhite Nose Pack if you had previously applied one.

Step 4: Wait for 15 minutes or until it dries.

Step 5: Peel off upwards starting from the chin.

For best results, use 2-4 times a week with other iWhite skincare products.

iWhite Whitening Pack

I only apply this mask on the areas where I have blemishes, scars and dark spots.
I apply it generously with a mini plastic spatula (usually used for depotting makeup).

PROS: will at least brighten your complexion if not whiten, works on any skin tones, did not irritate my skin, very affordable, won't require rinsing with water

CONS: a spatula-like tool is highly advisable when applying, a little getting use to if you're new to peel-off masks, it has a distinct scent so the pickiest noses might have issues with it


  I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
iWhite Whitening Pack
Watsons, drugstores and supermarkets
Sachet (8g) PHP22.00, Tube (95g) PHP199

*taken from PR materials provided

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

MAC Absolute Power Lipstick - Review, Photos, Swatches

The people closest to me know I'm a feminist, through and through. I was raised by my Grandma and Mama, so yeah go figure. Being with fabulous, strong and nurturing women made me aspire to be the best me. They taught me to celebrate being a woman and go for whatever I want. My gender was never, and would never be, an issue or an obstacle in achieving my dreams.

When I heard MAC Strength Collection, a collection dedicated to the modern woman who doesn't let anything or anyone put her down, won't reach MAC Counters in Asia, I was really pissed. Wanna know why? Click here.

I'm so lucky that I have friends who are nice enough to get the collection for me. Next to MAC Iris Apfel Collection, this would be my 2nd favorite collection. I love the lipstick shades and what the collection stands for. So here is my first lipstick from the said collection. :)

MAC Absolute Power is a blue based, slightly pinky red shade. Its in my favorite matte finish (not the drying kind). Its easy to apply, very opaque in color and is quite long wearing. Even after a full meal, the color is still in tact. After a 2nd meal (snack), a pretty stain was left on my lips. This color and formula did not disappoint at all. :)

MAC Absolute Power

Without Flash
With Flash
Without Flash: ABsolute Power, Ruby Woo, Ronnie Red, Russian Red
With Flash: ABsolute Power, Ruby Woo, Ronnie Red, Russian Red

PROS: long wearing and opaque formula, matte, classic color, leaves a pretty stain after hours of wear

CONS: limited edition and pricey


  I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
MAC Absolute Power
Online, prices may vary (try Online Beauty Hub, PHP1200)