Monday, December 17, 2012

The 411 on MAC Lipsticks

If you haven't noticed, 95% of my posts are about MAC lipsticks. My love for MAC lipsticks began when I purchased Girl About Town, 2 years ago. The moment I swiped that must-have shade, I just got addicted. Jannie, a fellow beauty blogger and a good friend, asked f I have a post about MAC lipstick finishes that she can check out. She wanted a reference since she's not that familiar with MAC lipsticks just yet. I thought its a pretty good idea for a blog post, so here it is. Why haven't I thought of that? Silly me. ^_^

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional / expert on this subject. My sentiments and explanations on this subject is based solely on my experience and observation using my growing MAC lipstick collection. I'm just a huge (addicted) fan. I encourage you to try them out yourself and not just take my word for it. :)

This is my favorite finish, and not just with MAC. I love how long wearing and opaque (most colors, if not all) this finish is. As the name suggests, it doesn't have any sheen/gloss on it. I love how non-drying this MAC finish is even though it's matte (with the exception of Ruby Woo and Smoked Purple). Some of my favorites are Candy Yum Yum, Russian Red, Velvet Teddy, Quick Sizzle and Pink Pigeon.

This is the creamier version of matte. This formula glides on more smoothly, providing superb opacity. I love how easy this formula is to wear. I would say that this is the child of matte and amplified creme, if ever they hook up. The downside? It's not as long wearing as its parent, matte. My favorites are Eden Rouge and Rare Exotic(limited edition).

For those who wants a perfect opacity and creaminess to their lipstick, this is the right finish for you. This provides the opacity of matte and mattene finishes, but a little more creamy and moisturizing on the lips. Some of my favorites are Girl About Town (review to be posted), Something New (limited edition), Morange and Vegas Volt.

This finish boasts its longevity and wear without drying your lips and sacrificing opacity. Lipsticks in this finish are a bit more expensive than other MAC lipsticks. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of this range. I don't like the packaging and I really don't get why I should pay extra for something I can enjoy with the (creamy) matte ones. But who am I to whine? LOL. My favorite from this line is Dear Diary.

As the name suggests, this has a satin (slight sheen yet still very opaque in color) finish. I really love how light this feels when worn, without sacrificing color opacity. It won't dry your lips and won't make any lip imperfection (chapped? wrinkled?) more apparent. My only problem with this finish is that it's not as long wearing as I'd want it to be so I suggest you invest in a good lip primer prior to using this. My favorite shades are Rebel, Viva Glam Nicki and Love Goddess.

This is my least favorite finish. It doesn't really do anything for my pigmented lips. It's quite sheer like a gloss, only it's a tad more opaque. The only shade that I own is Flamingo, It's perfect for very dramatic eyes during summer.

I never thought I'd love this finish. It's a creamy formula with a sheen, usually sheer but buildable. For those days I don't want anything too dramatic on my lips, lipsticks in this formula are my weapon. My favorites are Ravishing and Crosswires, though I prefer the latter.

So there you go. I believe there are other finishes of MAC lipsticks out there, but since I don't have them and never got to try them, they're not included here. I also try to avoid posting reviews on MAC lipsticks that are from older limited collections, unless it's requested or I'll use them as reference for comparison.

Any requests? Would you like me to create a post featuring my entire MAC lipstick collection?
Leave a comment below or post it on my Facebook Page! :)

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  1. Thanks! Very helpful. Being a Mac Beginner yet a lip junkie this post really helped me a lot. :)