Saturday, December 1, 2012

The "Painless Facial" by Diana Stalder

Is it just me or everyone dreads having a facial because of the painful pricking and the post-facial tomato face? 

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone right there. Though we know getting a facial at least once a month is necessary, the thought of having your face pricked and the less-than-beautiful aftermath is a great discouragement.
Good thing, a renowned company that provides top-of-the-line skin and body care services finally realized this dilemma and came up with what everyone wants: a painless facial by Diana Stalder.

I was luckily invited to Diana Stalder's Its Sparty wherein they introduced a new breakthrough in the facial services: the painless facial. After a short presentation, they gave us a mini tour of their premier clinic in Svelte, One Orchard Eastwood. For those who don't know, Svelte and Diana Stalder are sister companies.
I was one of the early birds (together with Joyce and Mitchie) so we got to try the painless facial first. ;)

The Bleaching Room

The Massage Room

The Liposculpt / IPL Room
The Facial Room

(photo from
Diana Stalder Products and Services

The Painless Facial

Diana Stalder's Painless Facial is a general facial procedure with desincrustation that allows for a painless extraction experience. This procedure softens sebum and dry skin cells, relaxes the pores, stimulated blood flow to the area and produces alkaline reaction on the skin, resulting to immediate softness and smoothness and leaves the complexion looking refreshed and glowing. This procedure takes about 45 minutes.

Just so you know, the pricking part is optional. It's totally up to you if you want to go through it or not.
The photo below is the "desincrustation" part. It sort of preps your skin and pores so it will be much easier to remove all the junk that's been clogging your pores. It will still be painful if you'll choose to have your skin pricked, but not as bad as the usual pricking. I'm usually in tears (as in crying like a baby) after a session, but with Diana Stalder's Painless Facial, it was a lot better. I did tear up a little. Just a single tear. LOL :)

The last step is applying a mask. Mine was black because that suits my skin type (oily and acne prone).
That mask was heavenly! It was really cooling and relaxing for my skin, leaving me with a rosy (no tomato face, yow!) glow. NOT KIDDING. That mask really helped in avoiding the less-than-beautiful aftermath  I was talking about. What's so great about it also is that I got to use the other side of the mask again that night!
Just had to leave it in the fridge for a while since its better applied when its cold. :)

Other Photos :)

Eya, Joyce and Me :)
Thank you Joyce and Eya for the photos. <3

Candid!!! Hahaha!
Aya, Mitchie, Eya, Joyce and Me :)
The sweet and fabulous people from Diana Stalder! <3

All in all, I really enjoyed my Diana Stalder's Painless Facial experience.
I appreciate how professional yet warm their people are. I also love how clean, relaxing and posh their clinic is. It's very spacious and welcoming. You know how some other skin clinics are cramped with beds that you literally lose your privacy? (Totally HATE that). In Diana Stalder, they really consider all the factors that would/might affect your experience.

So far, this is the best facial experience for me. My face healed in just a couple of days (usually takes a week), and I was able to do my usual makeup routine flawlessly (usually takes 2 weeks).
I love how much less painful the facial was, and how quickly my skin got better.
So yes, I will definitely go back. Worth every peso, I tell you. :)

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  1. A painless facial? WOW! This is something new.

    In truth, I haven't even tried any facial yet because of the prickling and the red face. And I have low tolerance with pain so I don't know if I can last a painful facial :(

    I will try this when I want to pamper myself. Thanks for this blog.

    BTW, I followed you. And here is my blog URL

    Thanks again :D

  2. Ang sarap ng painless facial will get back talaga :)

  3. ang saya sana magpafacial pero super takot ako haha :D nice event!!

    The Bargain Doll

  4. Looks like you girls really had fun! ^_^

  5. AHH Excited na ko! Will sched na this week :D

  6. napaka saya ko sa isang litrato :D

    Nice meeting you Ayzee *hugs*