Thursday, October 18, 2012

MAC Love Goddess - Review, Photos, Swatches

Marilyn Monroe is one of the celebrities I look up to.
She's a style icon, a sex symbol, and one of the first women who stood up for herself and did what she wanted to do without letting discouragements bring her down. Yes, she wasn't perfect, but who the hell is?

When MAC announced that they're coming out with a collection inspired by Marilyn Monroe, I was so excited - and so was the rest of the Monroe fans! The craze was too big, I just knew everyone will hoard the collection. I was right. :)) I only got to purchase one of the lipsticks, fortunately it's my most favorite one from the 4, so I'm quite happy. :)

MAC Love Goddess is a pinky red lipstick in satin finish. The color is a bit new to me since most of my red lipsticks are true reds with blue undertones. This one is a little more friendly red, great for every day.
I love this finish because the color payoff is perfect, yet it doesn't feel heavy on my lips.
It's pretty long wearing also (though not as long wearing as their matte lipsticks), but I still love it.
It also leaves a pretty pink stain when it feathers off. 

Also, hats off to MAC for the awesome packaging!

MAC Love Goddess

swatch without flash
swatch with flash

PROS: friendly pinky red shade, finish is very moisturizing and it doesn't feel heavy when worn, color payoff is great, decent hours of wear, packaging is gorgeous
CONS: limited edition :(

 I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
MAC Love Goddess
MAC Counters of Online, SRP is P1100

Schedule of the release of MAC Marilyn Monroe in the Philippines 

Photo credit goes to Jigs Mayuga :)


  1. I think i would have to see that lipstick in real life cause I'm not sure if it were the color registration on your camera that made it have a more blueish undertone. anywhoo. I find red lipsticks to be more of a confidence thing than a skintone match type of search so definitely, a monroe inspire lippie should be a girls bestfriend

    1. Kumi!! Ahh yes, it has blue undertones. Pinky red with blue undertones. :) Will you be dropping by during the launch? :)

  2. Would love to try this out! :) And it's Marilyn. So yeah. ♥

  3. beautiful shade! it suits you so well <3
    i really adore the lipstick shades from MAC's Marilyn Monroe collection. :)

  4. Hi! Im torn between getting Impassioned and Love Goddess. I have so many reds that's why I'm leaning towards Impassioned.. However, Love Goddess is red-pink so Im still considering it... What would you recommend? I have an NC35-40 skin BTW :)

    1. Personally I prefer Impassioned over Love Goddess. But you can't go wrong with a red-pink shade like Love Goddess, and the packaging is gorgeous! I think Love Goddess will really suit you. Since it's a LE shade, maybe you should get that one first THEN think about getting Impassioned next since that's a permanent shade. ;)