Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Benetton's New Fragrances - Let's Move and Let's Love

United Colors of Benetton is known for bringing fragrances for the hip and young, and this time is not an exception. United Colors of Benetton proudly introduces their new fragrances for men and women:

Let's Move and Let's Love

One of the biggest turn-ons for me when it comes to guys is smelling good.
By smelling good, I mean wearing a refreshing and sexy fragrance that will last for hours.
A guy who dances well is also a big plus on my book.
I've been dancing my whole life (urban and hiphop, yow), so if a guy can groove with me, and remain smelling good, he could just be my soulmate. :)

Speaking of a refreshing and sexy fragrance for energetic, athletic and confident guys, United Colors Of Benetton just launched a new and hip fragrance called Let's Move.

If you haven't noticed, the design of the bottle itself signifies how this fragrance caters to guys who are always on the go. The bottle is inspired by a bottle of water, since water is important for the active and athletic bunch. I personally love the design: simple, smart, crisp, handy and appropriate.

I'm no expert in fragrances; all I have is a nose that can smell and a brain that determines if I like the scent or not. But Let's Move really caught my fancy! I for one prefers wearing "sporty" scents over sweet and floral, so even though it's initially intended for men, I would recommend girls to try it as well. 

Now let's get a little technical here. The top note of Let's Move is a citrus cocktail  that delivers a real shot of energy, spiced up by black pepper to offer even more intensity to the scent. The aromatic heart notes invigorate the aromas to obtain a refreshing alchemy strengthened by the masculine character of cedarwood. The drydown is warmed by an amber and balsamic accord that creates a delicate and sensual composition for an unforgettable signature.

For an exquisite trail and a guide to an unexpected love; Let's Love is the fragrance for modern and romantic women. This fragrance is perfect for young women who still believe in romance. The ones looking for the unique sparkle that will make their heart skip a beat. With the insouciance and impertinence, they want to discover this unique sensation, this extraordinary thrill that can only be felt when falling in love.

I for one can relate to what Let's Love stands for. Call me old fashion, but I still believe there's such a thing as true love. The kind that will last, the kind that I can grow old (and up) with. The one that will give me butterflies in my stomach each time I see him. :)

Let's Love is a romantic and sensual fragrance for the mos delicious love story.
The top notes: a concentrate of passion inspired by the irresistible passion flower. The optimistic fruity accents of a fleshy pineapple and a joyful bamboo sap sound like a promising flight of fancy for the charming young lady. In the heart notes: jasmine, passion flower petals and lily of the valley cuddle together in an enchanting waltz to resonate as the promise of a fiery kiss. To definitely impose its signature (dry down), caressing musks, cedarwoods and enveloping cashmere woods mix together and reveal a delicate yet magnetic temperament. 

The minimalist bottle for elegance, round shape for the femininity, transparency glass for charm; 
The Let's Love design was developed to obtain the quintessence of romanticism. 
The pink colored fragrance adds the last touch and makes it simply chic!

Other photos I took during the event :)

The fabulous people from Studio 116 Dance School who had me dancing Oppa Gangnam Style. ;)

I also met some of the most fabulous beauty bloggers in the country, and I can't wait to bond with them again soon. :) The following photos are from Miss J of http://www.theredlippieadventures.com :)

Still can't believe I finished a Zumba session.
Big hugs and kisses to Studio 116 Dance School!
With Miss J on the left and with Kath on the right :)
Vinvin, Bec, Me, Donn, Kath and Dior :)

Dior, Me and Kumi :)


Let's Move SRP 100ml - Php 1,450
Let's Move SRP 40ml - Php 950

Let's Love SRP 100ml - Php 1,450
Let's Love SRP 30ml - Php 850

Please Like Studio 116 Dance School on Facebook.
They are awesome! Aside from Zumba, we also got to try their Shiba.
Definitely a fun way to lose weight or just have fun with friends. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this Ayzee! It was great meeting you there :)

    1. Thank you for having me, Grace! :) That was one one of the funnest events I've attended. Nice meeting you, too! See you soon :)

  2. looks amazing! i really want to smell them :D