Friday, October 26, 2012

Interior Addict - Fixtures And Furniture for the Stylish Crrowd

They say we can't have it all. We should accept the fact that we can only enjoy 1 thing and let go of the other. That may be true in general, but with furniture for your home? You can have it all.
You can have a functional and quality furniture, without sacrificing style. 
Where can you find such furniture? At Interior Addict, of course!

Interior Addict is a UK-based company that offers fine furniture to those who can appreciate "functional artistic creations". They recognize that people nowadays aren't just into stylish clothes, but also stylish furniture. But of course, a furniture that won't function or perform well is a total waste of money, so Interior Addict provides items that are both fashionable and functional.

They have storage units, sofas, chairs, lighting, beds, tables, rugs, accessories, and more for your bedroom, dining room, hallway, kitchen, lounge, office, and outdoor. 

Here are my picks from their wide array of fine furniture :)





My ultimate favorite is their lounge furniture. That black egg chair and the hanging bubble chair are soo cute and fun to have! I also love the storage unit that comes with a table. That's just really convenient specially for me who is always online and needs the products that I review at my reach always.
I also love the bed with a built-in side table so my phone and lotion (absolute necessities before I sleep) are just conveniently placed beside me. :)

Visit Interior Addict now and take advantage of their on-going sale! :)

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