Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yabang Pinoy Launches PHmade: “It’s Worth Buying For”

Yabang Pinoy intensifies its consumer revolution campaign through the PHmade

The pioneering Filipino pride movement, through PHmade, yet again encourages
Filipinos to support Filipino ideas, business concepts, products, and services. The
campaign aims to educate Filipinos, through videos, print materials and events, on
the availability and viability of Filipino brands, and on the positive impact that going
local contributes to the economy.

PHmade’s tagline “It’s Worth Buying For” encourages each Filipino to think twice
before spending: is it really worth buying for? Yabang Pinoy believes that small
things, when done together, can create a big difference. If each Filipino became
conscious of where he spends one peso, he will understand how each choice affects
himself, fellow Filipinos, and the country. PHmade also aspires to influence Filipino
entrepreneurs into supporting local natural and human resources.

Indeed, patronage of locally made goods and services should be a lifestyle. It
enables homegrown brands to improve and compete against foreign brands. The
local economy also improves as money goes back and forth between consumer and
business, employee and employer. And as more entrepreneurs create, develop, and
expand their businesses, more job opportunities are generated. PHmade recognizes
Filipino ingenuity and the role of each Filipino in nation-building.

PHmade focuses on seven categories: Produce, Home, Footwear, Fashion, Personal
and Home Care, Food and Beverage, and Entertainment. The campaign will
continue to collaborate with Filipino entrepreneurs and encourage them to continue
to improve their products and services and to always aim for Filipino brands to be
global brands.

PHmade is a project of Yabang Pinoy, the pioneering Filipino pride movement that
started in 2005. As it celebrates its 8th anniversary, the organization includes it
among numerous Filipino pride projects, such as the Y.A.B.A.N.G. Camp (Youth
Achievers Building A Nation of Greatness Camp), Yabang Pinoy Goes to School,
Pinaka-mahabang Todo Patintero, Global Pinoy Bazaar, and many more. In the 8
years that Yabang Pinoy has immersed itself in various nation-building activities, it
re-affirms its belief that true progress and development in our country will start once
Filipinos begin living a proudly Filipino lifestyle.

Yabang Pinoy invites every Filipino to be part of the PHmade movement. As
early as now, save November 10- 11 2012 for the 8th Global Pinoy Bazaar – a
showcase of Filipino products made with 100% Filipino Love and Pride.

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  1. thanks for sharing this!! pinoy products is def worth buying ^_~