Saturday, October 13, 2012

JOSEPH M - Fashion Haven for Women and Children

So I've been blabbing about being at that certain stage in my life wherein I've been thinking about settling down and having my own family. A certain person is the reason why I've been even considering this possibility (but let's not go there yet. lol). I've always envisioned my kids to be as fashion savvy as I am, so browsing on fashionable children's wear is not something new to me.

And that's just what I do whenever I visit Joseph M, an online clothing store that carries fashionable ladies wear and stylish children's wear.

Joseph M is a family owned company, something that isn't surprising at all since their shop caters to kids and ladies. I'm just wondering why they don't have menswear.. probably because most guys aren't too keen about fashion? Or they're still cooking it up and might just surprise us one of these days?
Either way, I still love their items!

They carry  branded items for children and branded items for ladies.
I also love the baby clothes that they have!

Now let me share with you what I've picked out from their website.
I super love the girls's clothes and shoes! :)




My personal favorite for the boys is the blue cardigan. Digging the preppy style of that piece!
For the girls, I love the animal printed coat! Hahaha! Something that's not surprising, especially for me.
I'm just sure my future daughter will strut in that fierce coat.
As for the ladies wear, I really love the feather printed dress and the black blazer.
The dress is really sophisticated but still fresh and young, while the blazer is very slimming and such a classic piece. So there you have it! Joseph M has more awesome pieces on their website that you'll love.

Check out Joseph M for gorgeous pieces for you and your kids!

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