Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beauty Haul: Trying New Stuff from Landmark Trinoma

What do I love about Landmark department stores, specifically the cosmetics section?
They have Korean and Japanese (and local) products that I thought I can only get online!
I've been reading raves about Snoe Beauty products so I decided to give this mattifying toner a try.
The headband and the pink hair clip-ish will keep my hair off my face while I shower or while I apply makeup. I've been seeing these in makeup tutorials on Youtube so I was really excited to see them here.
I always style my hair with my curling iron, but I was never that conscious of it's drying effect on my hair until I had it dyed blonde so I was on the lookout for a thermal protective spray.
Thankfully, FX carries one now. :)

Any request for a review?
Drop a comment below! :)


  1. awesome products :) i really want to get Korean and Japanese beauty products too, they're super expensive here though. =/

  2. how much is the Mattifying acne Toner? Hope you make a review on that. Sounds promising. :)


  3. would love to see your take on the Snoe toner! :D

  4. ooh, interesting products! please do a review on the snoe toner! sounds really interesting!! ^_~

  5. I love Landmark! They sell amazing things in there. :)

    New follower here. :)