Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NEW Hair Color: Gone Blonde in Azta Urban Salon Katipunan

One of my dreams (or at least a part of my bucket list) is to have blonde hair.
I just love the idea of the drastic change and how it will compliment my skin.
I've tried doing DIY hair coloring jobs: I've tried golden brown and golden blonde (which looked more like golden brown), but of course, it didn't go that well because I'm no professional. 
That's why I went to Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan for a professional hair color service.



What you will see first

"where the magic happens"
I went there on a Monday to avoid the busy crowd during weekends. I was greeted by their sweet receptionist and informed me that Chris is my stylist for that day. I was quite relieved because upon research,  Chris is the go-to guy when it comes to hair color. He first asked what do I want to do with my hair color: "Do you want to tone it down? Keep the shade like this?". I replied with "The lighter the better". He then took out their hair swatches book and browsed the blonde pages. He then again took a closer look on my hair and then suggested we go for the "Ultimate Natural Blonde". The shade's name is just perfect and I love the swatch so I said we should go for it. 

Last look at my messed up golden brown hair.

Leslie, my assistant stylist for that day, started with Azta's signature dry shampoo.
I really appreciate the fact that Azta came up with this because it lessens the excruciating neck pain that I usually get whenever I visit the salon.

Now she's drying my hair to prepare for color

After drying, they sectioned my hair for ease and equal application

Chris explained that not all hairs react the same on hair coloring solutions.
The ones near my scalp, given that they're the healthiest, would absorb the color quicker than the rest.
So to achieve a balanced hair color, he instructed Leslie to apply the color on 3/4 of my hair (a few inches from my roots down to my ends) first for 20 mins, then they'll move on to my roots.
He explained that the process will take longer than usual because of this technique. I didn't mind the time because if it's for my hair, let's go for it. I really appreciate the time he took in explaining stuff to me than just doing it leaving me in the dark. That's actually the first time a stylist did that to me so it really made my happy.

After emulsifying  my hair (massaging the solution into my hair for better absorption)

Finally! After shampooing my hair. :)

I look like Cousin It here. Hahaha!
It took the both of them to blow dry my super long and thick hair. (I'm sorry about that!)
But even while they're not yet done, I could already see the improvement with my hair.
My roots match my ends! It's soft to touch, tangle-free and shiny!

It looks more brown here (sorry, probably due to my camera)
This is the final look with the go-to guy for hair color, Chris! :)

 A few hours after the treatment :)

24 hours after the treatment
24 hours after the treatment
Few days after the treatment :)

I wish they had  Wi-Fi connection though, since everyone is almost always online.
During my visit, they also can't accept credit cards because of a phone line problem.

All in all, I really enjoyed the service in Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan. It's a bit far from my place but with the service they gave, it's so worth the travel. I love how professional their staff is. They seriously know what they're doing so doubts and inhibitions were zapped. I appreciate the time they give in explaining stuff to their clients and hearing their clients out. As with any king of relationship, an open communication is essential. If ever you want to get your hair colored, consider going to Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan and ask for Chris. I would also like to thank Leslie for taking care of my hair. I always get comments on how thick and long my hair is (sometimes it seemed like a rant that I get from asst. stylists), but not her.
She never made me feel like my hair is such a big work, even though I know it is. :)

Oh by the way, they used MLV Color Tech on my hair. It's for those who wants to have their hair colored without raping you wallet. It has fragrant smelling color creme and developer to please the senses of the customers. Its mild formulation doesn't irritate the scalp. It doesn't have hot roots - easy and hassle free application in just one step. MLV Technology enables colors and conditioning oils to deeply penetrate the hair, ensuring permanent coloration and intense conditioning. Its economically priced - at 100ml/tube of color creme, it will definitely give you profits a boost. 
MLV Technology is now out with a new product, Chihtsai MLV Colors, which are now available in all Azta Urban Salon branches.

Want to get your hair vamped up like mine?
Here's an awesome news!

Another awesome news?
I'm planning to get my hair treated to keep it soft and its color vibrant. 
In Azta Urban Salon, they have this Lycopene Hair Treatment that's really meant to keep colored hair soft and vibrant. Need more reason to get this treatment? Well here it is! :)

If you want to update your look, you should definitely check out Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan!

Visit their Facebook Pages!

How I got there:
Took the LRT up to Katipunan station, then I took a tricycle ride at Mini Stop (paid P18) and just told the driver to drop me off Azta. Just in case the diver isn't familiar, tell them to drop you off at Citibank.


  1. Sis I love it. Ultimate Natural Blonde looks great for you. Hmmmmm...I really, really love the color sis. ^_^

  2. You look great with volumized curls! :) And I love your new hair color. :)

    Btw, New follower here. :)


  3. I love your new hair color!!! bagay sayo ^_~

  4. Hi Ayzeee--- the color suits you! And the curls are just soooo lovely:)

  5. omg i got excited cause you said blonde. were you able to ask how one can make it more blonde?

    1. No.. >.< But I guess a stronger solution and/or longer processing time would do the trick. We only went 3-4 shades lighter to make sure my hair won't get damaged. But yeah, I'm planning to have it lighter pa. ^__^

  6. On my bucket list too! But every time I color my hair, I always end up choosing red. Ahihi.

  7. I love your new hair blondie and with curls! :) You're such a doll Ayzee ♥


  8. Perfect! I guess I have to consult the experts too because I look hideous when I put my thin hair into blonde.

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  11. Your hair is gorgeous! I wish I didn't cut my mine short... :(

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    Hope to see you on my blog too :)

  12. looking great! ive heard a lot of good feedback on their katipunan branch. the pioneer branch was also good too!

  13. Looks great on you indeed. Brown or blonde colors don't match my skin tone. I usually go for a red-brown shade. :)
    Nice services you got there. It really is better for stylists to have time to explain to their clients the procedures.


  14. I've been putting off having my hair colored for the longest time already. This post just convinced me to have it done this week.

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  17. Beautiful color! You look great! I have brown hair too (for now) I can't get blonder hair because my hair is a very deep black...

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