Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jayke Reyes - Fast-Rising Singer Launches Debut Album

Its actually pretty rare to see someone who enters the show business, armed with all the talents one would need paired with the looks. But it's much more rare when that same person has a very grounded and humble spirit, and is close to her very supportive and loving family.

I first saw Jayke Reyes in a skin clinic in MRT Ayala Station. Back then I was completely clueless about who she is, but I find her really pretty even then.

Jayke Reyes is a pure Filipina who attended the Los Angeles High School for the Arts, trained with Seth Riggs (who also taught the late Michael Jackson), did commercials and auditioned for shows on Nickelodeon and Disney. She just recently represented the country in the Asean Music Festival for the 80th birthday of Thailand's Queen Sirikit.

Jayke Reyes also launches her self-titled debut album which contains the carrier single, "Kay Palad Mo" (a cover), Perry's Will, Paano Na Kaya, Sana'y Pakaingatan Mo, and We're All in This Together.

I got to watch her perform her carrier single live. Let me just tell you, this young rising star can sing well!
But what I love most about her is when she sings, even without looking at her expressions and body language, you would know its coming from somewhere real. May pinaghuhugutan. May passion.

I also got the chance to chat with her. Her American accent is still pretty thick, but she tries to speak Tagalog fluently - which I truly appreciate. She's also taking up classes now to further improve on her Tagalog.
She's very bubbly and genuine. At such a young age, she's very matured and conscious on what's truly important. I guess having a good relationship with your parents truly makes a huge difference.
Her dad actually is just as bubbly as she is. :)

Here are some of the photos I took during the event :)
I'm so sorry they;re of poor quality >.<

Watch her music video here! :)

I sincerely believe this young lady will soon find her place in the showbiz industry, together with the other top Filipino performers. I'm really looking forward to her doing some collaboration with other artists. Jay-R?
Young JV? Bamboo, even? :)

Jayke Reyes' self-titled album is being distributed by Ivory records.
Jayke Reyes i a Backroom artist. For inquiries, call Backroom at 4351108 or at 435 1120.
You can also email them at backroominc@hotmail.com.

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