Friday, October 26, 2012

Oldrids & Downtown - Pioneers in Bringing Fashion to the People

When talking about the retail industry, or any industry for that matter, experience is and always will be the best teacher. I'm not saying new and upcoming brands or indviduals don't stand a chance. 
All I'm saying is, those who have been there for years or decades sure have an advantage. 
They know the ins and outs and the ropes in the industry; 
Oldrids & Downtown is a perfect example of that. 

Oldrids & Downtown offers fashion and beauty items for men and women, furniture, electronics, homeware, toys, gifts, and leisure items. 
I find their jewelry irresistibly cute! Their handbags and purses are also to die for! 
Their items are so in this season so I'm sure you girls (and guys?) would really want to get a hold of them. :) 

Here are my picks from their jewelry, handbags, and electronics and gift ideas :)




My obvious favorites are the handbags, especially the ones with skulls. They're so rock and roll!
I also love the necklaces, especially the one with a young couple kissing. :)
I also love Babyliss hair styling products! I have their flat ceramic iron and their ceramic curling iron :)

Visit Oldrids & Downtown now! Their toys are also a must-see! ;)

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