Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MAC Russian Red - Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Russian Red is my go-to red lipstick. It's a matte red lipstick with blue undertones, which makes our teeth look whiter. This is one of my favorite red lipsticks, and I always recommend this to anyone who asks which red lipstick they should go for. It is a matte lipstick, but is far from drying. It's creamy when applied and dries out matte. I also love how opaque it is. This is my everyday red lipstick. 

MAC Russian Red

swatch with flash
swatch without flash

PROS: Kind of red which works for most skin tones, opaque, matte but not drying, long wearing, and a permanent shade
CONS: I really can't think of any but the price, though for me its worth it. :)


 I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
MAC Russian Red
MAC Counters, P1000


  1. I've been lemming for MAC Ruby Woo because it has a matte finish. But Russian Red is beautiful too. Looks great on you. ^_^

    1. I love Ruby Woo, but its waaaay too matte for me. >.<
      If I'd have to choose, I'll take Russian Red. :)
      Thank you, Hollie!

  2. OMG absolutely beautiful! <3 Whenever I see red lipsticks I really really wish I can wear it with as much confidence. Though maybe with my short hair, I won't feel so conscious about wearing red on my lips anymore. XD

    1. You can wear red lipsticks! I'm sure you'll great in one!
      BTW I have the review for Ruby Woo na din. :)


  3. Just discovered your blog not to recently and I'm really loving your reviews :) Anyways, I think I might get this one instead of the Ruby Woo because of the teeth whitening effect. It's my biggest concern with lipsticks.