Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Great Northern Sale Experience

Can I just emphasize how athletic Filipinos are when it comes to SALE?

It was such an experience to literally open the mall by coming in before 10:00am, with everyone rushing to get the things they've been probably eyeing on for a while now.

I went to SM City North EDSA on it's first day of the 3-day sale this weekend. Everyone who have been doing this knows the first day is the most critical one. Why? Aside from the fact that it won't be too crowded because it's a Friday (most people are still at work or school), the best stuff have just been displayed, AND... Aside from the already marked-down prices, SM Advantage Cardholders get an additional 10% off their purchases in the department store until 12:00 noon. So can you just imagine how in a rush people were? Well, I can't blame them. Or should I say, nobody can blame us. Yes! I'm one of those who came prepared for the Great Northern Sale. Hahaha! I'm quite glad I'm an SM Advantage Card holder. Yay for more discounts! :)

Alright, so here was how my day went.

My first stop was Forever 21
It was pretty early so I went here first, knowing marked-down dresses will be snagged away first.

Look at the freaking markdowns!

I'm very happy I went here first! I'm so in love with this dress! 

Its dressy enough for work or a date, yet it can be worn on a casual, lazy weekend.

The cardigan was a bit expensive (P1175). It's not part of the batch of items on sale. 
Though it is a classic piece and quite versatile, I had to pass.

TIP: When you see something you want in Forever 21 that doesn't fit your budget, there's a good chance you'll find something similar or pretty close in SM Department Store that's more affordable. I've always lived by this belief, so far I haven't been disappointed. ;)

Candidate #1

Candidate #2

So my gut-feeling was right! I know I'll find something similar with the beige/cream cardigan I saw in Forever 21. Actually, I think what I found is better. I had 2 candidates, but I settled for the second one.

It's the same color with that of Forever 21's, but more interesting with the design / draping in front. 
The sleeve length is just right and can be worn more comfortably even when its sunny.
 And of course, its a lot cheaper!

So I also saw this must-have black blazer. I really like it because the fabric has stretch to it. 

Love the length, fit, and the price! So yes, I had to get it too. ;)

More marked-down items!

I went around the Ladies Shoes Department. It felt like a freaking candy store. I wanted EVERYTHING!

This display was right beside the shoes. Hello bag addicts! ;)

Okay, reality check. I have to be practical. As much as I want to buy all of them, I have to buy only what I need. Of course, the basics always win me over.

I super love these flats. I love the girly details and the fact that they're leather. 
Rainy days are here so wearing shoes made of cloth is a no-no for me. 
And hello, how amazing can it get? It's worth P499.75 a pair
(Oh, haven't deducted the 10% off when I presented my SMAC. Hihi!)

Alright, alright. Its been a while since I last strolled in SM Annex. I saw someone carrying a plastic bag from Terranova, so yes. I thought that was a sign that I should go there. So I did.

Isn't this the cutest thing?!?!?!

I chose the blue-green/teal one. I wanted to get one in every color! But I am managing my hoarding, so yeah. Self-control, self-control. By the way, this is worth P195. YES, you read that right. Such a steal! :)

I was about to go home, but the nice air conditioning in SM Annex lured me to stay and stroll some more. 
So I managed to pass by Michael Antonio. I've always been a fan of them, but I find their shoes waaaay over my budget. Then I saw it.. The sign.. It says, P699 AND Below.

I thought I was dreaming! I had to go inside and try on this gorgeous flats in the same color that I got from SM. 
It was my size, and its the last pair. Hello? How can I pass this one up? A Michael Antonio flats (the line is called Comfit, btw), priced at P599. Hello?! HELLO?! It's MINE!

Their other shoes are also on sale. I particularly love the polka dotted ones, but...nah its too expensive.

So there it is; my Great Northern Sale experience. I really, really love the items that I got. Everything is not too trendy so I can wear them forever. Everything is sooo affordable! The 10% discount is also pretty awesome. Too bad it's only available on the first day, for the first 2 hours.

If you missed it, no worries. There'll be more Great Northern Sale in the future. But I do recommend you go there this weekend! And go early! Wear comfy footwear since you'll do a lot of walking and fitting of shoes. I also suggest women wear leggings and a dress that has a fitted bodice so that just in case the line in the fitting room is impossible, you can just try on the  clothes without the need to remove your clothes. Oh, if you have a BDO credit card, there's also a 5% rebate for that. Using BDO card in Forever 21 has its perks too, I believe.

Before I forget, there's a raffle for this weekend's Great Northern Sale. For every 1000 worth of purchase (single receipt) in SM Department Store entiles you to a raffle ticket. The prize? The New Apple iPad! There's a draw each day, so you only have until Sunday to join.

Anyway, I would love to hear from you. How was your Great Northern Sale experience?


  1. i am the worst shopper! 1.I am fickle minded... 2.I am not spontaneous (and so whenever somethings in sale and I really want it,,, it would take me days to finally decide if i want it and end up losing it) and 3. I feel that shopping is a sports I dont wanna do. hahah you walk for so many hours in circles and you need to try it on first... no wonder my mom said, I am no woman! LOL

  2. I wonder why July is always sale season. just noticed this.

  3. wifey also love sales like this... looks like you bought a lot from the sale... and hope you win the raffle. Yahweh bless.

  4. I have nothing to say for I've not been there. And in fact, I never do the shopping. It's my wife. I'm just a chaperon.

  5. WOW

    nice showroom.

    Is there anything for men? :p

    Thanks :)

  6. Wow, this is really great but I don't have the luxury of buying things right now. Lol.

  7. Oh, I so love shopping during sales. Minus the crowd ofcourse! But damn, I missed that one sale.

  8. We went there on a Sunday, the last day of sale and I scored 2 bags from Secosana. I can't decide which of the two to get so I got both.

  9. i love sales! sayang i didn't get to experience this. i was looking for a good sale pa naman sana.