Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Retro Mullet

I was really hesitant about this trend: the high-lows and mullet style of dresses and skirts. 
I remember ranting to a girlfriend that I don't get the point of this. 
Why can't they just make it either short, or long? But now I caught myself embracing this trend. 
Funny thing is, for a second there, I forgot that fashion doesn't always make sense. 
Its an art; a medium of self-expression, and output of one's creativity. So how could I have judged it? 

This mullet dress is not the most obvious kind. The front part is not that high unlike your usual mullet dress / skirts. It's also in gorgeous pleated chiffon, giving it a romantic feel. I also love the playful retro print. It's originally a sleeveless dress, but yeah like I would wear such in a public place (except if I'm going swimming, of course).

I donned this outfit during an event by a local beauty and spa clinic.

What I Wore:

Mullet dress - Betty by SM Girls Teens' Wear
Cardigan - Jus Ur Size by SM Ladies Fashion
Bag - H&M
Sandals - People Are People


  1. Tama! Fashion doesn't always make sense - just wear it! :) Love the dress - looks good on you. :)

  2. Nice dress. Awesome colors.

  3. I like the dress sis ;)
    why bagay syo ang long dress? hmmm..
    i am the same size as you are pero i dont feel like wearing long dress kc feeling ko it's making me look bigger :)

  4. Wow!!you look fabulous..that's great

  5. Love the prints... Lucky you ...:D

  6. love your dress dear :) you look great!

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll