Saturday, July 14, 2012

Seasons Online - Jewelry for Every Fashionista

"It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new." - Tony Visconti

I've always had a knack in everything that's rustic and vintage, especially in fashion. I love shopping in my mom's, grandma's, or aunt's closet for beautiful vintage finds. Unfortunately, they were a lot thinner than I am when they were my age so rings and bracelets were out of the question. Also, most of them are in pretty rough condition because they were quite old. I know, its quite heartbreaking. That's why I was relieved to stumble upon this website who sells gorgeous costume jewelry in affordable prices.

Seasons Online offers vintage costume designer jewelry and other fashion accessories that'll fit everyone's style and budget. The first line that caught my fancy was their vintage costume designer jewellery.

Rustic Oversized Ring
Golden Web Crystal Jewelry Set

The second line, and probably my favorite, that caught my eye is their Funky Jewellery. This lot is the perfect example why I love anything vintage, or at least has a vintage feel to it. The details are very intricate, funky, makes a statement of its own, and not everyone would dare wear. It takes a certain kind of attitude and confidence for you to be able to carry these babies. 

Lucky Post Charm Ring

Little Cherubs Hot Air Balloon

Gold Leaf Ear Cuff
Gold Punk Ear Cuff
Turquoise Skull Bangle

To sum it all up, I really love their products. Each one has it's own character. They have all sorts of designs that will fancy everyone - from the conservative to the eccentric. I personally love their Funky Jewellery line most because the pieces reflect my personality: bold, unique and sassy.

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Photos courtesy of Seasons Online

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