Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bits & Pieces Of Malaysia

What is so awesome when you fly to Singapore? Malaysia is just a train ride away. :)

Malaysia reminds me so much of the Philippines, of how their religion influences everything specifically their architecture. I love the Petronas Towers the most because of the modern industrial design.

Sorry for the low resolution photos, though. >__<

Sultan Abdul Samad Bldg

Masjid Negara
Inside the mosque

Masjid Jamek

Petronas Towers

Batu Caves

Tight bear hug goes to JM Cabato :)


  1. Beautiful sis! I've been to singapore lots of times but I never took advantage of the fact that I can easily go Malaysia from there. Next time, I'll see to it.:)

  2. The Petronas Towers is amazing...Beautiful is the Batu Caves...:D