Saturday, July 28, 2012

21st National Retail Conference (NRCE) and Stores Asia Expo

Shopping is always fun, but doing it in the Philippines is the bomb. ;)

I'm a firm believer of shopping local goods and patronizing local brands are the best contribution I can do to my country's economy. But of course, I cannot deny I'm a sucker for foreign brands as well. 
I don't think any less of either. But what I know is, each has it's own strengths and weakness, so I gladly embrace both of them.

In lieu with DOT's campaign, "Its more fun in the Phlippines", the 21st National Retail Conference (NRCE) and Stores Asia Expo coined the ida of "Shopping is more fun in the Philippines". 
Filipinos can be the biggest shoppaholics you will meet.
That fact is quite evident, with all the foreign brands popping up everywhere. 

NRCE, the country's biggest retail industry event, converges its energies with the government's well-conceived It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign, as it invites tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez to speak on the campai
 gn's synergy with retail industry growth and more fun shopping experience. Adding to the prestige of the event is Coca Cola’s President and CEO William Schultz who will be the keynote speaker on the opening day of the conference. Coca Cola, which celebrates its centennial year this year is among the well-loved brands in the Philippines. Coca Cola’s participation in this year’s NRCE is expected to further elevate the “fun” aspect of the conference as the brand celebrates “100 Year of Happiness”. 

The 21st NRCE is slated on August 9 to 10 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. 

In the PRA tradition, the NRCE mounts its twin event, the Stores Asia Expo, the country's premier exhibition of retail suppliers and service providers.

The 2-day conference and exhibit is attended by over 800 retail owners, suppliers, CEOs, and top level executives. Each year, NRCE invites experts from the retail industry and other related sectors to cover relevant aspects of retailing. Chief among the bevy of topics at this year’s NRCE are strategies for driving growth and customer engagement.

Everyone, from the pillars to the rookies in the retail industry, will be there. Its the perfect event, especially for aspiring retailers and business people. Different relevant topics will be discussed by the who's-who in the industry. I'm sure attendees/participants will pick up a lot of tips and learn information to help them boost their business' growth and success.

Amid the global buzz surrounding initial public offerings (IPO), this year’s plenary sessions will include the use of an IPO as a tool for retail business growth.

Successfully engaging new generation shoppers will be well-covered in this event as other topics as boosting customer experience using store design and licensing opportunities for retailers are presented by field experts.

Coming on the heels of two successful NRCEs which zeroed in on Asian brands, this year's gathering moves forward with talks on personalized branding and transforming employees into brand ambassadors.

I am particularly interested with the insights of the big players on the competitive edge of socially responsible businesses and the retailers role in advocating a sustainable lifestyle. Going green, regardless if its organic and /or sustainable, are being embraced by many companies nowadays. Actually, whenever I get to interview a retailer/business owner, that's one of the questions I always ask. Being environmentally conscious is one of the best ways to attract consumers nowadays. You're not just helping Mother nature, but you're also teaching people on how to be environmentally and socially responsible - while earning. ;)

Hopefully, more brands and businesses will go green in the future. 

There will be two panel discussions each day at NRCE. On the conference’s first day, the morning panel discussion will delve into digital marketing and online commerce. The afternoon panel discussion, on the other hand, is entitled “Global Brands in Local Shores: How Local Brands Can Compete and Succeed vis-à-vis International Brands."

The roundtable on the conference’s second day will feature luminaries from retail and property development. Entitled “Retail Entertainment: Creating a New Level of Customer Experience," the morning panel discussion explores how shopping and leisure are intertwined. The conference’s last panel discussion is set to put participants in a hopeful, forward-thinking mood. Entitled “The New Turks of Retailing,” the last panel will feature the young entrepreneurs behind today’s hottest brands and franchises.

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  1. Yes, Filipinos are die hard shopaholics! That conference will be beneficial to a lot of retailers out there.

  2. Yeah I agree with you. It is really nice to shop for locally made products. I really believe that our country can create great items... plus by patronizing it, we also boost our morale

  3. It's a win win for customers and retailers because of conference like this. Retailer gets a better guage on improving the product and service opening and customer get to be happier and more content.

  4. There sure is a lot to learn and see around the metro...this is an event that will surely benefit business-minded people...

  5. A definite must event to go to if you're planning to start a business. I'm just curious if this is still pushing through given the current weather conditions and the widespread flooding because of the typhoon.

  6. Which reminds me that one factor that makes Thailand quite a progressive country is because they patronize their own products. They have this constant trade fairs every occasions they have and although they are basically the same from one place to the other --- still they buy them which makes the money just going round and round within their community.

  7. I'm sure there will be lots of innovative ideas that old and new entrepreneurs can learn from this conference

  8. Filipinos can indeed be the most serious shoppers you'll ever find in this world so its a good move for the government to encourage them to do it right here in our country.

  9. i also hope businesses will all be environmentally friendly. in davao, we were already using biodegradable materials for shopping bags and containers in lieu of plastics and styro, as mandated by our local government. Yahweh bless.

  10. Oh yes! shopping is our stress reliever hehehe..mas fun talaga sa mag shop sa pinas! dami choices!

  11. i agree with ralph, consumers should be aware of the products they buy. it must be styro free. this expo is also a good avenue for our local businessmen to introduce to us their products. :D

  12. Thanks for sharing sis! Unfortunately it's already over. :(