Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gandang Ricky Reyes - An Invitation from Mader Ricky Reyes

I was pretty excited when I received an invitation from the Mader Ricky Reyes. I have the utmost respect for such people who have proven their proficiency with their chosen craft. Being the kikay that I am, I happily accepted the invite to go their sparty.

Wanna know more about it? Watch out for my next post. ;)

Here is the invite :)

I'm just here in your neighborhood..

Imagine, for more than four decades, I've been making Filipino women look good and they really became bonggang bongga. My salons are located mostly in shopping malls and employ seasoned beauticians to give you excellent services.

Now it's even better. My salon is now closer to you, right in the heart of San Juan City. The place is so close to my heart because this is where I started; where I put up my first salon. It's a homecoming for the Gandang Ricky Reyes Salon and this is all for you.

And to add, we even have our  professional beauty consultants at your beck and call so you can readily sit and start your beauty treatment. Absolutely no waiting!

And to even make it more convenient for you, you can call our Gandang Hotline for an appointment. Yours truly will personally attend to you to give that utmost beauty recommendations, Mader knows best di bah!"

Ricky Reyes

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