Thursday, July 5, 2012

MAC Red Racer - Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Red Racer is a bright pin-up girl red shade. It has a satin finish. I really, really love the combination of this shade and finish. It's opaque, right combination of creaminess and matte, long wearing, and it feels light when worn. You will almost forget you're wearing a lipstick. It's like the satin version of Ruby Woo.

This lipstick came from MAC Hey Sailor Collection, hence the different packaging.

MAC Red Racer

swatch without flash, under natural lighting

swatch with flash

PROS: Bright, fun color, superb finish, long wearing, opaque, doesn't feel heavy on your lips
CONS: Limited edition. :(


 I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
MAC Red Racer
MAC Counters (Online would be a better option) P1000

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