Sunday, April 21, 2013

MAC Betty Bright Lipstick - Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Betty Bright is a light pinky coral shade in satin finish. It's off the MAC Archie's Girls Collection. Satin finish gives an opaque coverage with a slight sheen finish. It's long wearing and leaves a good stain on the lips as it feathers out. (Learn more about MAC lipstick finishes here)

This is the only shade that I got from Betty Lipsticks because this is the most pigmented one.
I have a lot of coral shades already, in different finishes even, but this one really tickled my fancy because it's by far the lightest one I've encountered from MAC. I was only supposed to get Ronnie Red and Daddy's Little Girl because of my fear that Betty Bright might wash me out (and my sister agrees), but since it is MAC, I had to give it a shot.

And as always, I should've listened to my gut.

Though it looks like a pretty and friendly shade on the tube, let me tell you, its not as easy to wear as it looks and as I'd like it to be.

It's soo bright and light at the same time that I turn grey and look sick when I wear it. I tried wearing it with smoky eye makeup, and I still look a little pale. The only time I think it looks decent enough that I can go outside is when I wear it lightly. As in I just lightly dab it on my lips (something I'm not accustomed to). I'm terribly disappointed on this shade. I hope it works better for others who have tried it too.

MAC Betty Bright

PROS: formula is superb as usual, won't dry your lips, long wearing, will leave a pretty stain on your lips after hours of wear

CONS: shade won't suit everyone, tends to make you look pale(r), pricey, limited edition


 I will not repurchase, but I still recommend it to others. It just doesn't work for me.

Where To Buy:
MAC Betty Bright
Online, prices vary

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