Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monea Powerdose Plus Hair Treatment "Soft and Bouncy" - Review and Photos

Ever heard of power dose hair treatment?

The first time I heard of this treatment was when I was in college. I was in one of those salons that attracts customers with their relatively cheap packages. I was having my hair relaxed then plus a cellophane. The stylist suggested that I get a powderdose treatment to seal in my hair cuticles and prevent damage. When I asked him how much is that treatment, he said it's PHP500/vial, and because I have thick hair, 2 vials are needed. As a college student, that was too pricey for me so I skipped the offer.

Years later, I saw my officemates' interaction on facebook. They were talking about this effective and affordable powerdose product, and since I've been dyeing my hair for less than a year now, I was intrigued. I googled the product they wre talking about, and I remembered seeing those at Watson's. They were talking about Monea Powerdose products.

They have different variants that's specifically designed for particular needs. I bought the "damage repair" and the "soft and bouncy" variants. This post is about the latter. :)

Monea Powerdose Soft & Bouncy, self explanatory, makes your hair soft and bouncy. I especially love this variant because it doesn't weigh down my hair, unlike other hair treatments that I use.
It's not greasy at all. Its consistency is thinner than the usual creamy conditioners, but its not too thin that its runny. 
I also love the refreshing green apple scent. I use this at least once a week (leave it on my hair for 20mins), whenever I have the luxury of taking a long bath. It's also pretty simple to use. It's quite affordable and Watson's carry them. My only woe with this one is that not all Watson's stock up on this variant. I think their popular one is the violet bottle (for sleek and straight hair).

Monea Powerdose Soft & Bouncy

PROS: softens and moisturizes my hair without leaving it heavy and limp, doesn't cause excess oil and dandruff, smells really good, affordable, locally available

CONS: It's one of Monea's hard-to-find variants :(


  I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
Monea Powerdose Plus "Soft & Bouncy"
Watson's, PHP250

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