Sunday, July 28, 2013

YashiOK Online - Kimmidoll iPhone Casing and Mobile Powerbank

I love anything Japanese! 

Have I told you I had an obsession about geishas before? Did I mention I love cherry blossoms so much I had it immortalized on me? I'm crazy about their culture, their fashion sense and I admire their work ethics. It's funny that I love Japan so much yet Hong Kong is where I always go to whenever I get the chance (JP visa issue and forex rates = obstacles).

Anyway, anything with geishas and cherry blossoms is OK with me! Thank God my friend Chenyl immediately messaged me when the online shop @yashiok_online of Instagram posted Kimmidoll iPhone casings for sale (PHP300).

After a couple of days of decision-making and a heartache (my first choice was sold immediately!), I settled with this one. She's blonde like me! Though her hair is more of a platinum blonde. It's sooo cute!

I also bought a pink mobile powerbank (to match my pink casing lol) to solve my battery issue (PHP700). It's pretty convenient to carry around! Even comes with a keychain holder and a usb cable.

The transaction was easy, breezy. The seller is very accommodating and patient. Shipping was quick, too! I paid Friday and I got it the next day. Sweet, right? :)

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