Monday, July 29, 2013

Avon Vitaluscious Reviving Red Lipstick - Review, Photos, Swatches

Avon Vitalicious Lipstick in Reviving Red is a mauvey kind of red; it's almost an Ox blood kind of red, but it's just a tad subtle to be that. I got this lipstick from my BDJBox for June. When I first swatched it, I thought I've seen it before. I went through my red lipstick collection, and found Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Vega. Can Reviving Red be a dupe for Vega? Let's see.

Avon Vitalicious Lipstick in Reviving Red

Compared to Guerlain Vega

Shade: Vega is a touch deeper than Reviving Red. But their difference is very slim, almost unnoticeable. They both have blue undertones.

Opacity: Vega is more opaque than Reviving Red, probably because Vega has creamier / thicker consistency.

Finish: They're very similar, but Reviving Red feels lighter on my lips. They both have a glossy finish; almost a satin but has a little more sheen to it.

Longevity: Because they have the same finish, they're tied with the hours of wear.

Packaging: Reviving Red's packaging is pretty good for me. It's your typical black packaging with a sophisticated silver design. But, Vega's packaging is awesome! It's very luxurious! It's like technology meets glamor.

Scent / taste: Reviving Red has a sweet and citrusy scent and taste that I really love. It's not overwhelming unlike Vega's rose-like scent and taste (nope, not a fan of rose scented products).

Price: Of course, Reviving Red is way more affordable than Vega. I think I can buy at least 4 Reviving Red for the price of 1 Vega.

Left swatch: Reviving Red, Right swatch: Vega

Upper lip: Reviving Red
Lower lip: Vega

To sum it all up: Reviving Red is an excellent red lipstick if you're looking for a mauvey red. It's also a good dupe for Guerlain Vega. I'm more of a bright retro red type of girl, but having this in my stash makes me happy because at least I have something different.


 I will repurchase when I don't find something better.

Where To Buy:
Avon Vitaluscious Lipstick in Reviving Red
PHP299, Avon ladies / online