Monday, July 1, 2013

BDJBox - June Unboxing

Once you've earned my full trust, my loyalty is with you. I've been applying this principle in my personal life, and with products/services I choose. When I know the quality is superb, rest assured I will be a loyal customer.

BDJBox is my favorite beauty box subscription. They have a great taste when it comes to the products they include each month; that's not surprising given that the ladies behind BDJBox are just some of the respected and looked-up-to beauty gurus in the country.

Anyway, I'm fortunate enough to get my hands on their June box! I heard it's sold out already (yes, they're that loved by my fellow Bellas). As always, awesome products from both new and familiar brands. :)

I also love their stickers that just spreads and encourage positivity and love for self. They always come up with such concepts that celebrate being a woman; makes me so proud to be a Bella. :)

Now let's check out the products included! :)

Of all the products included, I'm most excited about the Kinerase goodies! I'm always on the lookout for age-defying products. As always, BDJBox surpassed my expectations. They really know which products to include in the monthly boxes!

Thrilled to have the June Box and to try all of the products! :)

Subscribe to BDJBox today! <3


  1. I've been seeing posts on BDJBox but I haven't really researched much about it. I just know that it's from the ladies behind BDJ because of the name XD Anyhow your post convinced me to subscribe to BDJBox! Going straight to their website now~

  2. I want to try the Loreal set I have severe hair fall now. I subscribed to their July box and I am excited to try it. My last one was October 2012 pa.. :D

  3. sa loreal palang winner na ang box!! :D ganda ng bdj subscription in fairness :D

  4. Ohhhh,,,getting a box without you knowing the contents is exciting! Will check out their site! =)