Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Ali Mall Cineplex 4

The Ali Mall Cineplex 4, situated at the topmost level of Ali Mall, is a state-of-the-art cinema complex with the latest amenities to ensure maximum convenience, comfort and viewing pleasure. The 548 total seat complex consists of four 60-foot wide screens providing moviegoers a more intimate but no less exciting viewing experience.

Like the cinemas at Gateway, Ali Mall Cineplex 4 uses the Boral cinema acoustical wall system to ensure total sound realism. Built-in JBL surround speakers driven by powerful QSC amplifiers are incorporated with the very latest Dolby Digital EX theatrical sound system so you can almost feel the emotion, drama and suspense of every anticipated film title. US-brand Simplex projectors provide crisp and clear pictures to make moviegoers feel like they’re right in the middle of every epic moment onscreen.

Stadium-style stepped seating ensures an unobstructed view of the wall-to-wall screens from every seat. The comfort designed chairs and armrest are all standard amenities. Ample legroom guarantees room to stretch and allow other patrons to pass with the least inconvenience.

The Cineplex’s central lobby is conveniently situated next to the mall’s foodcourt and provides a meeting point for those who want a little chitchat before seeing a film.

A large SNAXX counter offers the usual cinema favorites of soda, popcorn, hotdogs and nachos as well as candy, ice cream and other temptations.

The central box office features the Vista computerized ticketing system, a first in the Philippines. The Vista system provides fast ticket service, ensuring you get the seats you want on your chosen screening schedule, all with the touch of a screen. The system is also tied in with the ticketing service at Gateway Cineplex, ensuring moviegoers have a wide range of screening schedules to choose from, whether at Ali Mall or Gateway. And going to and fro between malls is a breeze with the free shuttle service provided for moviegoers.

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