Saturday, August 25, 2012

Be a Dove Girl and Reveal your Glowing Skin!

I've always been conscious with my skin. Clearly, its way far from perfect. I have a terribly oily skin, so I'm vulnerable to blackheads, pimples, and premature wrinkles. Being a beauty blogger just adds a little more pressure in having near-perfect skin.Somehow, having a beautiful skin is a proof on my credibility with beauty.
I'm pretty sure you've heard of the saying "Mom knows best". Yes, they do, most of the time. ;) My mom has been using the same product for years. I even remember my grandma uses the same cream bar because it really moisturized her skin. Now I'm in my mid 20s, I started using the same product out of curiosity. I'm pretty apprehensive with anything that has moisturizing properties because I already have an oily T-zone. I thought it will make my skin oilier. Oh boy, I was wrong. Dove beauty bar talks the talk and walks the walk.

I've been using this beauty bar for 3 straight days now, and I'm really surprised on how it made my skin softer. I can also tell that its helping my blemishes fade. It didn't break me out (which I always expect whenever I switch my soap) nor caused oiliness. I like how my skin looks now and I'm looking forward to having better skin in the future. 

Dove has always been at the forefront of celebrating real beauty.  Several years ago, Dove made waves with its Real Beauty campaign which resonated in the hearts of women all over the world because it made women realize that being beautiful did not have to mean possessing supermodel features. Being beautiful was as simple as having soft, smooth and glowing skin.

Today, Dove continues to pave the way for Filipinas to reveal their real beauty to the world with its latest campaign that urges every Filipina to Reveal her Glowing Skin. Dove calls on women who possess beautiful glowing skin and confidence and can be sources of inspiration to others through their own unique life stories. Ten women who best represent and epitomize the ideals of the beauty brand will be the faces of Dove’s new campaign, starring in their very own billboard on EDSA and as well as a  grand photo exhibit at the end of the year.

I had the pleasure of joining other beautiful Filipina bloggers to pose for the Reveal your Glowing Skin campaign. Something I felt terrified about because photos were raw and they intend to have it that way.

with Michell of Rockstar Momma
My own framed photo from Dove :)

The mere thought was mortifying, until I saw the finished photo. "Not bad." That was all I could say. The more I stared at my photo, the more I liked it. Now, I really love it. I'm so proud I got to do this, and doing it with my fellow bloggers made it more fun. It's very liberating and empowering! 

I'm a huge fan of all Dove Real Beauty campaigns. Its so nice that a beauty brand such as Dove promotes love and acceptance for one's self, despite the imperfections. We are all beautiful in our own way, and we should celebrate that. Beauty is diverse and varied, but the most essential kind is the beauty that radiates from within.

In a recent survey conducted, 96% of women doesn't see themselves as beautiful. This number is very alarming and sad, which is why Dove continues their Real Beauty campaign.

Now here is your chance to be a part of the Dove movement! 

  • To get that billboard-worthy beautiful glowing skin, aspiring Dovewomen should use Dove Beauty Bar for seven days. More than just a cleansing barDove contains ¼ moisturizing cream that makes skin smoother and softer. Itgently yet effectively works from within resulting to beautiful glowing skin.
  • After taking Dove’s 7-day challenge, users shouldtake a close-up picture of themselves and upload it on Dove’s official Facebookpage ( Uploading of entries will be until October 31. 

Having problems with the app? You might want to try to do the following:

(1) Change your browser (Mozilla and Chrome works better)

(2) Clear your cache

(3) Change notification settings of the app to "share to everyone"

(4) Input data first (name, country, etc) and confirm terms and conditions

(5) Follow the specifications for picture (size, format, dimensions 

10women will be featured from among the entries who will be given the privilegeto represent the essence of real beauty as envisioned by Dove. Renowned fashion photographer Sara Black joinsthe Dove team for the second time as she peeps through the lens to captureDove’s real beauties in awe-inspiring photographs. 

Black recently published herbook “When I look in the Mirror” which featured a diverse group of women in‘un-retouched’ photos to celebrate every woman’s unique and individual beauty.For the latest Dove campaign, Black will interpret 10 inspiring stories of realwomen and how their inner beauty and strength were able to break socialbarriers.

Working alongside Black are some of the country’stop female photographers, among them Joan Bitangcol, Isa Lorenzo and PilarTuason. The pictures will be used in the new Dove billboard and also in a grandexhibit slated later this year.

Dove’s latest campaign is definitely more thanskin deep. Beyond the search for women with exceptionally beautiful and glowingskin is a celebration of a woman’s new-found confidence that stems from takinggood care of one’s self. Through the Revealyour Glowing Skin campaign, the world’s trusted beauty bar hopes toencourage more Filipinas to let themselves be seen and heard, and serve as rolemodels to their peers.

Here are some photos I took during the event:

The host, Patty

Let's all celebrate being a Dove girl and join the Reveal your Glowing Skin campaign!


  1. i think Dove is really amazing, i like it the best out of all the soaps i tried, makes the skin so smooth and soft, the smell is great too :)

    i love the photo of you! i really hope you get featured :) XO

    1. Thank you, Christine! :)

      Yes, I love how their soap makes the skin really soft and smooth :)

  2. Aww, if I knew it was you, I should have been seated beside you that night. :) Fun evening! :)

    1. I knew it was you! :) I was just too shy to approach you that night. You were seated at the long table ata, right? Fun evening indeed! :)

    2. Yes haha! Hopefully next time we're not too shy na. :)

  3. I agree with the caption in your photo, being beautiful is not being without flaws but learning to be accept it and be comfortable with it.

  4. The girl in the second poster was my classmate in college :) I love dove too, but I use lather now than soap! Fun event! -Marie

  5. what i love most with the pics is that women don't use too much makeup... it really shows your true beauty. Yahweh bless.

  6. I am a user of Dove hehehe so I am qualified? Joke.... That was certainly a fun event.

  7. Pretty!! I have been using Dove also. And I love it.

  8. Beauty isn't always what one sees outside but by being true and honest to what you truly feels. It is the true beauty that lasts.

  9. Dove has been in the market for so long, in testament to its use in skin care.

  10. Dove have been around for as long as I can remember. We're still a loyal user of their pink moisturizing soap. :) Thanks for sharing. I hope someday I can attend same events here in Italy or when we're back in US.

  11. DOVE is a product that protects the skin and a brand that promises a long-lasting effect on keeping women beautiful and radiant.

  12. pretty you! I used to love Dove too, thanks for this!
    maybe I'll change brands...