Thursday, September 13, 2012

TAG: How Much Is Your Face Worth?

It's my second TAG post! Big thanks to Jannie  for tagging me. :)

So how does this TAG works? 
It is where you post an FOTD (face of the day), regardless if its a new or old one, and list down all the products you used with prices for that particular FOTD. The catch here is you should add up the corresponding prices, which will probably shock you (and your readers). There are several versions of this tag, I tweaked Jannie's mechanics by excluding the skin care products (I cant disclose them yet).

Sounds fun, right? :)

My list will include the makeup products I used, excluding tools and brushes.

Face Of The Day

It's a very simple neutral look that I wear almost everyday. I was about to attend my nephew's baptism that day so I didn't want to go crazy with the eye makeup. 

The List

Missha Under-Eye Brightener - P199
MAC Studio Fix Powder - P1600
Urban Decay Primer Potion XL - P1800
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette - P3800
MAC Fluidline Blacktrack - P1,200

TOTAL = P14,297

A little too much, considering I haven't included my skin care products here.
I feel a little guilty, but I'm really happy with these products.
They work well on me and most of them will last for years. 
Yes, I'm making excuses. LOL

This was really fun!

I hope you can do your TAG post too. 
If you have, please leave a comment with the link of the post so I can visit yours. :)


  1. expensive yet so worth the penny ;)

    I hope you can drop by, check and follow my blog too. :) You're awesome, keep it up! :)

  2. OMG! Wala pa yan skin care ha! Bongga! :D
    Hmmm, the prices we pay to become more pretty. LOL. :D

  3. it's okay. you look good naman.

  4. Ohhhh so expensive! But the products are definitely worth it. Great post!

    I'm following you. Hope you could follow back :D