Saturday, September 15, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Little White Dress

A boring corporate outfit (or any outfit for that matter) depresses me. 
That's probably one of the reasons why I avoid the old-school corporate world.
I was invited for a job interview by this online gaming company, and asked me to come in corporate attire.
I really couldn't bear wearing the usual blah corporate clothes, so I wore something that fits my taste and at least a little office chic. 

What I Wore:

Blazer - Jus Ur Size by SM ladies Fashion
Dress - Betty by SM Girls Teens' Wear
Tights - Forever 21
Shoes - Comfit by Michael Antonio
Bag - H&M
Watch - Timex


  1. The shoes! They look so cute! :)

  2. but it looks too casual for a job interview. this outfit is more weekend wear, when you go out with your friends to clubs and movies and stuff.

    1. Hahaha! Yes :) But fortunately for me, most companies here in the Philippines consider an outfit corporate or appropriate for work as long as its not denim, cotton t-shirt, open-toed flats and rubber shoes. :) And the company I applied for was an online gaming company so they're not strict with the dress code :)

      I also wore this to a date that evening. Hahaha! <3