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Clarity - The Low-down on Skin and Skincare

Skin indicates your state of health. Besides its aesthetic merit, having a healthycomplexion also mirrors how well we take care of ourselves.

Beingthe largest organ, the skin is the most exposed and certainly the most abusedpart of the human body. Because of constant exposure to elements such as therapidly changing weather, chemicals, and free radicals, the skin is verysusceptible to damages that can compromise its overall health.

Accordingto dermatologists, acknowledging the fact that the skin undergoes a bombardmentof harmful chemicals on a daily basis should alert everyone on how we treat ourskin. “The way we treat our skin today plays a huge role in how it’ll look whenwe grow old,” says Dr. Amy Cagayan, Dermatologist from Clarity AestheticMedical and Dental Center.

Inorder to maintain a healthy complexion, it is important to be mindful of whatwe put in our body. Observing a healthy diet coupled with regular bowelmovement tremendously contribute to the wellbeing of our skin. “A regular dietcomposed of fresh green vegetables, nuts and seeds, antioxidant rich fruits,and plenty of fibers, along with an intake of three to four liters of watereveryday helps in establishing a healthy foundation not only for the skin, butfor the rest of the body as well,” says Dr. Amy Cagayan.

Whilediet is a major pillar for healthy skin, there are also measures that everyonecan take in order to have good complexion. According to skin care specialists,observing the basic steps of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and sunprotection will help ensure young and healthy looking skin.


Adaptinga cleansing routine is invaluable in keeping the skin healthy. Doing so ensuresthat the dirt, as well as the makeup you put on are cleansed away, which willhelp avoid any complications due to material buildup in the skin’s pores.

Contraryto popular belief, you do not need expensive agents to clean the skin. All youneed is a good quality cleanser that suits your own skin type. For those whoopt to use soap to clean their face, mild and unscented varieties are best.

Useonly tepid or lukewarm water during the process in order to protect the bloodvessels underneath the skin. Extra care should also be given when cleaning thesensitive areas of the face such as the eyelids and the area underneath theeyes.


Oftenneglected, exfoliation is a vital step in taking care of the skin because it getsrid of dead skin cells and reveals fresh and younger-looking skin. The processshould be done only once or twice a week because frequent scrubbing may cause damage.

Facialscrubs come in many forms and while there are a lot of solutions available inthe market today, there are also recipes available for homemade solutions withingredients that include almonds, oatmeal, and even sugar. Make sure to applywhatever solution you may choose in a gentle, circular motion, carefullymassaging it all over the face.

Therest of the body can be exfoliated using a loofah or any scrubbing toollathered with a good body wash solution. Start from the ground up, from thefeet moving up eventually to the torso. This also helps improve the body’sblood circulation.


Moisturizingthe skin after cleansing or exfoliating is ideal because the skin can absorbnutrients better. Regardless of age and skin type, moisturizing is invaluablebecause it feeds the skin, making it smooth and soft.

Consultyour doctor and ask for a moisturizer with the right ingredients for your skintype.


Exposureto the sun’s harmful rays is one of the major causes of skin aging such aswrinkles and fine lines. That is why it is important to always have aprotective covering of sunscreen lotion every time you go out.

Regardlesswhether it’s a sunny or an overcast day, having sunscreen on protects the skinfrom UV rays that penetrate and damage the skin. As a rule of thumb, sunscreenlotions that have sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 should be appliedhalf an hour before going out. Reapplication of sunscreen is sometimes needed,depending on the situation.

Applyingthese steps religiously ensures the maintenance of the skin’s good quality.Maintaining the quality of your complexion starts with taking an active stancein taking care of it.

To getyou on your way toward skin wellness, go to Clarity’s website- to learn more about caring for yourskin. Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center also offers onlineconsultation, personally provided for by board-certified doctors andspecialists in dermatology. The center also offers a range of anti-aging andcontouring services that help patients attain a young and healthy look.

Visit Clarity Aesthetic Medical & Dental Center at the5th Level Wellness Zone, Shangri-la Plaza Mall , EDSA corner Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City. For more information, contacttheir office through telephone number 0916-CLARITY (2527489) or through theirCustomer Service Hotline 632-638-1294 .

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