Sunday, April 1, 2012

MAC Lipsticks Haul: Chen Man and Shop Cook MAC

Corals, corals, corals - I just can't get enough of you. :)

Seasons change, as my preferred lipstick shade does. I've been rocking lipstick shades from foxy reds, hot pinks, and vampy purples. Since summer is finally here, I'm starting to tone things down by donning fresh and dainty corals. :)

Before I left for Hong Kong, Shop Cook MAC finally arrived in the Philippines. Because I'm a certified MAC lipstick addict, I went to MAC Trinoma and joined other MAC fans as the collection was unveiled. MAC Chen Man Collection was also launched the same day, which was really awesome!

Got myself a couple of tubes to satisfy my coral craving. ;)

Please watch out for my individual reviews on these lipsticks. ;)


  1. too bad i missed it! :) can't wait for the reviews doll! it's nice to be here.

    The Pink Margarita

  2. lovely colours! i find MAC too pricey, i've found some revlon/loreal lipsticks just as good as MAC :)

    hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!XO.i am also hosting a one of a kind giveaway, by a very inspirational painter, check it out :)

    p-slove your hellokitty glasses!