Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sponge Cola - OPM Pride For Beale Street Music Festival 2012

As I've said before, I am not a music connoisseur. I'm just the typical music lover who can't live without my headset plugged in my ears.

I'm a huge fan of OPM and OPM artists, especially those who can come up with good and original songs; And Sponge Cola is one of those.

I really don't get why some people diss this band and everyone else that falls in the "pogi rock" category. Seriously, what is sooo wrong with neat and well-groomed rock bands?

Sponge Cola has been around for quite some time now. I can still remember when I first heard them play live at a bar in Makati or Pasig I think, and they covered Madonna's Crazy For You, and let me tell you, as a Madonna fan, I was impressed. :)

They have produced lots of hits, several of which can be considered a theme song of a particular time in my life. Their music videos are well made too (count their MYX Music Awards trophies, yow!).

If you're a genuine music lover, I'm sure you've heard of Memphis In may International Festival. A part of this event is the Beale Street Music Festival. This year marks the 36th anniversary of the latter. Every year, artists from all genres and music fans all over the US gather to this grand music event. Do you know who's the first all-Filipino band who'll be playing in the said event? Oh yes, it's SPONGE COLA.

The boys were apparently discovered by the organizers in YouTube. They checked the band out, contacted them, and invited them. The band is set to play in May 4 and 5.

Take that, haters!

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  1. Wow! You are so lucky to get a picture with Yael :) He is such a cutie.. This band totally deserves to be in the festival!

    Kisses! xxx