Saturday, April 21, 2012

Teleserv Makes It Easy For Filipinos

Need a copy of your birth certificate but don't have the time to go to NSO?
Are you a vacationing OFW who needs your Oversees Exit Clearance (OEC)
Do you need to set up an appointment for your passport needs in DFA?

If you answered yes to any (if not all) of these questions, you're in luck.

Teleserv provides quick and prompt services for those needs including (but not limited to):

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery

POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Delivery

DFA Passport Appointment System

What do I love about these services?
They are prompt, efficient, and very convenient. Now you can avoid leaving from work and just have the necessary documents delivered to your doorstep. You can avoid the hassle of waiting in line for your turn in processing your passport (as long as you stick with your schedule, of course).

With our busy and fast-paced lives, juggling work, family and other stuff that keeps us preoccupied, services like what Teleserv offers is a great help that we should take advantage of.

Try it and you will see the difference.

For more information, visit Teleserv.

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