Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snoe Skin SPF30 Stem Cell Sunblock Cream - Review and Photos

I think you girls know by now how much I love Snoe Beauty, right? :)
I've been raving about their products for a while now, and this one ain't an exception.

Snoe Skin SPF 30 Stem Cell Sunblock Cream is an age-defying product. It promotes skin regeneration and protects further damage caused by the sun's harmful UV rays. I also love this product because aside from protecting me from the sun, it also helps in soothing and concealing the red blotches on my skin.
It serves as my sunblock and makeup base, and for its price, I think that's quite a steal.

I suggest that you use this sparingly if you're going to apply foundation over it, or else your face will look too made up. I make sure its blended out on my skin (untraceable) before I apply my foundation over it.

It doesn't irritate my skin at all. I also noticed that it helps in minimizing the oiliness of my face, together with their mattifying toner. :)

Snoe Skin SPF30 Stem Cell Sunblock Cream

Before applying Snoe Stem Cell Sunblock
(already applied Shoo-Zit Mattifying Toner)

When Snoe Stem Cell Sunblock is applied
(over Shoo-Zit Mattifying Toner)

PROS: sunblock that also serves as makeup base (or even as tinted moisturizer), doesn't irritate my skin, a little goes a long way, easy to tote around, very affordable, locally available
CONS: I can't think of any! :)


 I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
Snoe Skin SPF30 Stem Cell Sunblock Cream
Landmark Trinoma, Online (visit their website to see the list of the branches), Less than P200


  1. hi dear! very nice! I also have the SNOE Magic apple whitening s-rub and it's really great! makes my skin supple..thanks for the great review! will surely try this one ;) followed your blog.. :)



  2. Replies
    1. Ang alam ko P189 ata.. Hindi ko na matandaan yung exact price >.<
      Basta less than 200. Hahaha!

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