Monday, November 26, 2012

Engage to Change with SM Eco Bag 2012 - The Launch

Going green is no longer just a trend, but is now turning into a lifestyle.
Nobody has an excuse - everyone can contribute in helping our environment by using sustainable products.
One way of helping Mother Earth is using reusable bags instead of plastic bags.
A particular reusable bag caught everyone's attention (actually, it has been on the market for 4 years already but only became more apparent when Quezon City regulated the use of plastic), the SM Eco Bag.

The SM Eco Bag is one of the major initiatives of the Program on the Environment, an advocacy of SM Cares, the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the SM Supermalls.
The project aims to promote sustainable shopping habits by creating awareness and encouraging SM customers to utilize reusable bags. As a responsible mall developer, SM aims to foster stronger ties with the community by educating them about various environmental issues. The project also supports various local governments by adhering to numerous ordinances that promote the prudent use of plastics. Even beyond advocating reusable bags, SM fosters more mindful practices by utilizing biodegradable plastics. At present, 3.2 million bags are out in circulation all over the country.
The eco bag project began in 2009, with the first bag being designed by National Artist, Mr Manny Baldemor. This edition revolved around the theme “Creating awareness on environmental concerns”.
A year after, a new set of bags were designed, with the theme “Encouraging Action.” These designs had the big, statement words that correspond to the 4 different elements of nature: Renew (Earth), Flow (Water), Breathe (Air) and Spark (Fire).
Then, in 2011, the 3rd set of SM’s Eco Bags was launched. It was inspired by the UN International Year of the Forest, and worked around the theme of “I Am Involved”. This was seen as a progressive development,  allowing SM to become  a stronger and more integral part of the community through its active promotion of fostering awareness.
Now on its 4th year, seeing the potential of engaging the future leaders of the country in a more participative stance, SM turned the bag design into a competition for High School and College students. With the theme “Engage to Change”, the campaign now became a nationwide search for new designs. The widespread participation brought to total, more than 600 entries. However, most importantly, the competition provided a more concrete avenue for SM, as an integral part of society, to do its share in engaging the youth and community in caring for the environment.


In the said competition, 4 winners were chosen, 1 from each region: Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. They received P25,000 and the new iPad as recognition for their outstanding creativity and individual contribution for the worthy cause. Likewise, the schools that the students represent also received P25, 000 from SM, in support for their individual environmental projects.

Awarding ceremonies was held last November 12, 2012, (Monday) at the 2nd floor of The Block at SM City North Edsa. The event unveiled the new designs, plus, recognized and honored the students who participated and won the competition.

The Winners
winner from Luzon
winner from Visayas
winner from Mindanao
winner from Metro Manila

My personal favorite is the set from Metro Manila. I love the idea of incorporating our national anthem, Lupang Hinirang, to the design. It makes the idea not just going green but also nationalistic and purely Pinoy.

Other photos taken during the event :)

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