Monday, August 26, 2013

SM Men's Fashion Show - Just Delivered Jeans turns 4

Just in time for the rainy season, Just Delivered Jeans celebrated their 4th anniversary by holding a fashion show with their hot endorsers and other hunk models.

Last August 15, SM Men's Fashion hosted Just Delivered Jeans Fashion Show (#IWANTJUSTDELIVEREDJEANS) to showcase what's hot and what's coming soon from the said brand. Rugged, sporty, casual to just sexy; Just Delivered Jeans has it all.

I had my fair share of SM Fashion Shows, but so far this is the craziest one because, well, this is a MEN'S FASHION SHOW. Hahaha! It felt like a Cosmo Bash but they had more clothes on. Hahaha! It was a night of mancandies and beefcakes! Everyone was screaming and squealing! I really appreciate how the models were very game, too! I'm sorry, my (blurred, sorry!) photos don't justify how awesome this fashion show was. If you're a guy and was just dragged by your girlfriend / friend, you probably didn't enjoy it as much as WE did. But come on, I'm sure you got a few styling tips that you can use, right? ;)

My personal favorite is the smart casual jeans: a little slimmer but not as tight as skinny jeans, dark wash. I think that's the number 1 staple jeans for all guys. You can dress it up or down, and it won't go out of style. 

My least favorite would be the colored jeans. Maybe it's my age (I'm 26. Lol), but I think the colored jeans should be donned by the younger guys. Think One Direction type of kiddos. 

Of course, how can I not mention the hot freakin' abs that I saw that evening? I was squealing like the fangirl that I am!

Everyone got their chance to meet and do a photo-op with these gorgeous hunks. But the line was sooooo long I had to pass up because of the scary weather.

I'm so lucky I got a rose from HIDEO!!! Hahaha!

You can check out Just Delivered Jeans at SM Men's Fashion at SM Stores nationwide.

For more photos, visit my friend Michael's blog. :)

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