Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reliving Sweet Memories at SM City Sta. Mesa's 3-Day SALE

SM City Sta. Mesa (or SM Centerpoint for the legit babies of this mall) holds a lot of beautiful memories for me.

You see, it's the mall my family and I always go to on weekends when I was a kid. We hear mass here before doing our grocery and eating at the now defunct Cindy's. It's the first mall where I got to hangout with my friends on 6th grade, the first mall I went on a date in, my first facial (good old Dermclinic), my first hair treatment and foot spa (David's Salon), and a lot more. This is where my best friend and I hangout when I was at my darkest place. This is our neighborhood mall. When I was younger, you have to hangout here to be cool. I'm quite sentimental about this place, can't you tell? :)

This weekend (August 16, 17 and 18), SM City Sta. Mesa is having their 3-Day SALE. YES. I always go there whenever they're having a sale event. It's very accessible from my place: a tricycle ride away. This time I went there by myself, so I really got to reminisce about the good old times I've had in this cozy mall. :)

I distinctly remember having my first sandwich from Wendy's. They also had a salad bar back then, which my family really loved. I also had a few dates here, so it was very nostalgic for me. Haha! Wendy's wasn't really a budget-friendly fast food chain. I usually have to spend 250-350 for a good meal. But now, with the intention of expanding their market, they finally have Budget Meals. They have delicious and filling meals that go for as low as PHP49. But don't be deceived with the price; they still ensure that they only serve real, fresh and high quality food. Their interiors was also different back then compared to the modern and open design they have right now. 

What I always do to my frosty and fries. ;)

Whenever Christmas is around the corner, my Mama will bring me to this mall and we'll buy dresses for me to wear for Christmas parties and the holidays. Actually, we bought most of stuff from this mall when I was a kid: clothes, shoes, school supplies, etc.

Now that we have a baby in the house (not mine, but he certainly looks like me), so I try to give him what I got when I was his age. He's our super kulit but cute angel (just like I was. Still is, actually. Hahaha!) 

Now as a beauty enthusiast, I really can't leave a mall without checking out the beauty department. I actually came prepared with a list (that I sticked to, mind you. Proud of myself. LOL). I managed to stay within budget; I can only spend PHP1.5K so I can avail of the 10% discount on my total (thanks to my SM Advantage Card). 

Celeteque products and other awesome brands are on sale! It was my Mama who introduced me to Celeteque years ago. My Mama takes care of her skin really well, which I think she tried (and successfully) instigated on me and my sister. Had to get their moisturizer again since I'm running out of it.

Well hello there, my beloved acne treatment! Call me biased, but I really dig this brand. I'm not just saying this because I'm one of their Online Brand Ambassadors. I really believe in what they're offering to the market and I highly suggest you give them a try. :)

My sister and I used to collect IN2IT eyeshadow palettes because they're very pigmented and easy to use. I believe I used their green palette for a pageant I joined in HS. Hahaha!

I really, really love and believe in IN2IT. Not just the products, but in their people. They have the nicest sales ladies, ever. They're bubbly, accommodating and wouldn't mind giving you a makeover. I always leave their counter with something in my hand because they almost always have new products to try. They have the best eyebrow powder and pencils, in my opinion.

What I bought:

A gift that I got for reaching the PHP1.5k minimum and including this Dove conditioner in my loot.

So that was a day of reminicsing my fondest childhood memories. I truly had fun reliving some of them. SM City Sta. Mesa is a special place for me. Shopping during their 3-Day SALE weekend just made it merrier for the shopaholic in me. ;)

SM City Sta. Mesa is having their 3-Day Sale event until August 18. You still have until Sunday to take advantage of this sale! Don't miss it!

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