Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nailed it + Review: Color Trends Nail Polish in Celebrity See

If pastels and bright sunny colors remind of summer, rich jewel tones reminds me of fall/winter season. Of course here in this beautiful tropical country, my "fall/winter season" is the rainy season. :)

Color Trends Nail Polish in Celebrity See is a rich blue-green shade, very jeweled tone, that has a satin finish (subtle shimmer and sheen). Just like Raspberry Sherbet, this has a thinner consistency and less opaque than my other nail polishes. That's actually good because it lessens the mistakes that I commit, and it dries faster. It takes at least 3 coats to achieve my preferred opacity. It didn't stain my nails and doesn't have any annoying/strong scent.

Disclaimer: the yellowish stain that may appear on the photos was due to the yellow nail polish I was wearing before this. I wasn't able to remove it completely.

Color Trends Nail Polish in Celebrity See 

PROS: beautiful shade, will suit most if not all skin tones, perfect for beginners like me, didn't stain my nails, doesn't have an annoying scent, locally available, affordable

CONS: needs more coat to achieve my preferred opacity


I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
Color Trends Nail Polish in Celebrity See
PHP19.75, Watson's


  1. Love the nail color it suits you and your skin tone :) Me? I prefer pastels :)

    1. I'm iffy with pastels because they tend to make my skin look grey :| But I'm slowly easing up on them now. Haha. Thank you!!