Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July Giveaway Winners - iWhite Korea Whitening Pack

My first ever giveaway was sponsored by iWhite Korea. I was a little hesitant about hosting giveaways because I'm not sure if anyone would even join. :| But true enough, having a little more faith in myself, my blog and my fabulous readers, that giveaway was a success. :)

I would just like to give the spotlight to the 2 very lovely ladies who won my first ever giveaway. Thank you again for joining and for the patience. I didn't know couriers would be that strict with masks and moisturizers. :|

Therese Decena

Sherry Ann

Thank you again, and to everyone who joined! :)

My August Giveaway is up until August 25! I hope everyone will join. :)


  1. Sooo lucky, congratulations!

    <a href="http://143beauty.blogspot.com:>Loving it!♥</a>

  2. Thanks for featuring us dear.. I surely enjoy the Prize!! :)