Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Virginia Olsen Eyeshadow Brush - Review and Photos

Makeup really is more than vanity for me. It's a therapy, a form of self-expression, its an outlet for creativity.

I've been wearing neutral (to none at all) eyes and bold lips for so long now, but I actually started with playing up my eyes. I have lots of eyeshadow palettes from both drugstore and high-end brands it became an addiction.

I loved wearing dark to eye-popping bright colors, until my makeup routine got slimmer. Okay I admit, I got lazy. I've been choosing extra snooze over doing my eye makeup everyday. But after doing some spring cleaning, I just had to play around some of the shadows I haven't even touched yet. I only just rediscovered this gorgeous vegan eyeshadow brush from Virginia Olsen, so I thought I'd use it. Didn't stop using it since then. :)

Virginia Olsen Eyeshadow Brush is a vegan and cruelty-free brush, made from sustainable materials. It picks up powder and cream shadows well, though I think it works best with the latter. It won't irritate even the sensitive skin around the eyes because its sooo soft; it doesn't scratch! Its pretty easy to clean, and unlike my Eco Tools brushes (with the red hair), it doesn't bleed any color when I wash it. My only woe with this brush is that its not as fluffy as my other shading brush (so I can't use it for blending). I hope they'll come out with travel-sized brushes too!

Virginia Olsen Eyeshadow Brush

PROS: soft and gentle even on my sensitive lids, works on powder and cream shadows, easy to clean, affordable, locally available, vegan

CONS: I wish it comes in travel size also. It's a bit long to fit in my kikay kit


  I will definitely repurchase!

Where To Buy:
Virginia Olsen Eyeshadow Brush
Virginia Olsen Facebook Page, P300

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