Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beauty Haul: Goodies From Landmark

It's beauty haul time! :)

Let me share with you my recent purchases. I'm on my "gotta care for my hair" mode because I notice my locks are getting pretty dull because of my frequent hair dyeing. I'm sorry hair, I just can't give up being a blonde right now. 

I was supposed to buy makeup brushes, but since I knew I'll be attending Makeup Hub By Naturele Collezione Meet & Greet, I knew I can get better brushes there (note: and I DID) sooo I indulged with some awesome hair cracks instead and a few other things. ;)

Products above:

Lander Nail Polish Remover Acetone-Free P129.75
Tresemmè Thermal Recovery Shampoo P280
Monea Powerdose Hair Color Protect P179.75
Monea Ginseng Hair Spa P127.75
Malunggay Herbal Soap P189.75

Any review request for the products above? Leave it in a comment below! ;)


  1. i never thought that lander has nail polish remover =)

    1. I didn't either until I saw them sa Landmark :) And its acetone-free pa so double yey!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Hollie!

      YES. I'm a huge fan of Monea products, especially their powerdose and their hair spa. Love the quality and the price. :)

  3. curious on monea ginseng hair spa :)