Wednesday, August 19, 2015

V&M Naturals Jagermeister Pore Suit Soap - Review and Photos

My love for soaps made of natural and healthy ingredients started when I used this soap. I was having really awful breakouts back then, and I felt like my cleansers aren't doing their job, so I went to V&M Naturals in SM North Annex and I asked what can I use aside from tea tree soaps and kojic soaps. I was very specific on what I want: something will thoroughly clean my skin and pores without drying my skin. Tea Tree and Kojic could be a little harsh and sting my skin so I was looking for a more gentle yet effective alternative, and they gave me this: Jagermeister Pore Suit.

V&M Naturals Jagermeister Pore Suit

V&M Naturals Jagermeister Pore Suit soap cleanses and clears pores from deep within. It also claims that it can dramatically reduce the size of our pores and can help in preventing blackheads and whiteheads. 

What was my experience?
It's an excellent facial soap for those with oily/combination skin like me. My skin feels really clean and firm after using, making this my #1 facial soap. It doesn't dry out my skin unlike tea tree and kojic soaps. As for the size of my pores, they're still apparent especially when it's humid. I don't really think that can be improved. It's in my genes and I've accepted them since my teenage years. My doctor even told me apparent pores are fine, as long as they're clear and clean - which is why I can't be without this soap!


  • Cleans and clears my skin and pores thoroughly
  • My skin feels firm and refreshed after every use
  • It doesn't dry out my skin
  • It's made of natural ingredients
  • Locally made
  • Available online and selected locations


  • It's a bit expensive compared to most soaps (Retail price is Php295 but I got it on sale - 5 soaps for Php1000)
  • The label doesn't indicate the expiration date
  • Not available in leading local supermarkets and dept. stores


 I will repurchase! Actually, this is my second bar already. ;)

Where to buy:
V&M Naturals Jagermeister Pore Suit, Php295
Online or at their stalls in SM Megamall or SM North EDSA Annex 

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