Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fabyoulush Coffee Detox Beauty Bar - Review and Photos

I'm not a huge coffee fan. Yeah, I know. I'm that kind of person. But a coffee that wouldn't cause heart palpitation, won't affect acidity in my tummy and won't deprive me of my well-deserved sleep? Gimme, gimme! Well, this coffee I'm talking about is not something one should ingest. It's actually a beauty bar. :)

Fabyoulush Coffee Detox Beauty Bar

Fabyoulush Coffee Detox Beauty Bar claims it can help in detoxifying our skin by removing toxins. It can also reduce water retention. It also has seaweed extracts which is a popular slimming and firming agent.

How was my experience?
The smell of coffee is very relaxing so I use this at night. It helps in exfoliating my skin though I would suggest you rub it really gently because the coffee granules (or chunks?) could be rough on the skin. I also noticed it's pretty moisturizing so my skin didn't feel dry after using it. Did I slim down? Highly unlikely. Did my skin become firmer? I haven't really noticed. Maybe when we partner this beauty bar with proper diet and exercise, then we'll see significant changes.

All in all, I really love this beauty bar. It calms down my senses after a long day at work and my skin feels smoother an moisturized after each use. Considering the fact that it's locally made, on top of the other things I love about it, I'll surely repurchase. 


  • The coffee scent is very relaxing and calming
  • It smoothens and moisturizes my skin
  • Locally made
  • Available online and in selected locations


  • The coffee chunks could be a little rough on the skin
  • The label doesn't indicate the expiration date
  • The label doesn't state all the ingredients used
  • Not available in leading supermarkets/dept store


 I might repurchase.

Where To Buy:
Fabyoulush Coffee Detox Beauty Bar, Php120
Instagram: @Fabyoulush_PH or at Sewn.Co, Podium

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